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A Day in the Mountains

Our Weekend Excursion

The weather here is fickle.

It rains.

It snows.

Hello, it’s Spring…bring me sunny days.

Over the weekend, we had nice weather.

It was mildly cool and sunny.

We packed a lunch and headed for the mountains.

We drove up to Big Cottonwood Canyon.

After lunch we explored Ledgemere Cave.






the cave we explored


Actually, only Dear Hubby and Li’l Man explored the cave.

One of the kiddos was terrorized due to her imagination thinking that it was a BEAR Cave.

This was not the case.

Ledgemere Cave

Don’t you just HATE vandals!


It’s not so small you have to skitter through it, but you should watch your head.

It may be a man-made cave, it’s hard to say.

Once inside, you can stand up.

Once inside, there is a turn to the right.

It goes back a few feet and then there is a small passage parallel to the longer shaft.

After the cave we went hiking.

We followed an old road built by the CC back in 1931.

The kiddos enjoyed hopping from concrete block to concrete block and it was fun looking for names and dates the workers imprinted into the cement.

cement blocks on old road built by the cc

Then, as I’ve mentioned, I’m Mom Extraordinaire and my side kick (Dear Hubby) sometimes rocks the world next to me, check out this Tee-Pee!

tee pee

It was a great day.

Cannot wait for the weather to be steady so we can get out more!

We appreciate your subscription to Mommy’s Memorandum

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