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Cloud B Armotherapy Polar Cuddle Cub Pillow Review

Cloud B
Aromatherapy Polar Cuddle Cub Pillow

A sleeping child is one of the most precious sights to behold.  Especially when you have a child who has difficulty finding sleep. I have two such children. I’m sure they get it from me. I’m restless at night, much like them.

We were given the opportunity to review the aromatherapy Polar Cuddle Cub Aromatherapy Pillow by cloud b. It has made a huge difference in our sleep.

This is a company whose primary goal is to make everyone, of any age, sleep better.

We’re all aware that children grow and “recharge” when they sleep.

 Sleep is necessary for proper development and good health. 

 Cloud B believes this same principle and has gained the trust of parents and pediatricians alike to give a better night’s, safer sleep for children.

At our home, if a kiddo has not slept well, I can expect that we will eventually find ourselves in what I refer to as “going nuclear”.

It’s when they can’t function well.

Their mind can’t compute and reason has been abandoned.

You know this state.

You can see it happening until the child just goes berserk–be that a tantrum, crying for no reason, a zombie state.

It’s sad. 

Cloud B not only has a passion to ensure enough sleep for children but has a great desire to create products that will offer the child a quality product using innovative design, fun styles, and quality materials.

Cloud b’s award-winning products are developed in consultation with an Advisory Board of specialists and pediatricians with the primary focus: to achieve better, safer sleep for your child. Cloud B is also dedicated to providing less fortunate children the quality sleep they deserve through product donations and financial contributions to nationwide charitable organizations.

We received Cloud B’s Polar Cuddle Cub Aromatherapy Pillow to facilitate this review.

Cloud B uses eco-friendly soy fibers as the material to make their aromatherapy pillows. 

Using two AA batteries (not included) Polar Cuddle Cub Aromatherapy Pillowshivers softly create a soothing vibration that comforts my child.

This soft vibration is relaxing and my children love winding down at the end of the day with the Polar Cuddle Cub Aromatherapy Pillow.

In addition to the soft vibration, the Polar Cuddle Cub Aromatherapy Pillow comes with a removable Cloud B’s aromatherapy pillow scented pouch that will help lull children to sleep with a soft and relaxing lavender scent, exclusive to cloud b.

 It’s a very mild scent that my children enjoy snuggling up against.

I love the removable, bamboo fiber pillowcase.
When Polar Cuddle Cub Aromatherapy Pillow is not being used as a plush animal, this pillowcase makes keeping the Cuddle Cub clean at night and my kiddos love “dressing the Cuddle Cub for bed”.
In addition to the washable pillowcase, the plush itself is surface washable.
The Cloud B Polar Cuddle Cub Aromatherapy Pillow is approximately 41cm x 36cm x 13cm, sizes vary.
It’s the perfect size for on the go or at home.
Cloud B Polar Cuddle Cub Aromatherapy Pillow is part of the cloud b Endangered Species Series which helps bring awareness to our animal friends who need our attention.
A portion of your purchase will go to an international wildlife organization

The Cloud B Polar Cuddle Cub Aromatherapy Pillow, or any of the other Cloud B great products, can be purchased at a retailer near you or directly through the Cloud B website.

The Polar Cuddle Cub retails for $29.00.

My children have all used the cloud b Polar Cuddle Cub Aromatherapy Pillow and I’ve even caught my husband snuggled up with him.

Our home is a happier place now that sleep has become our friend thanks to cloud b.

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