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Ouchies Olivia and Trucktown Bandages

Olivia and Trucktown Bandages
I can tell you all about the day Olivia made her debut at our house. It was very much anticipated. It was snowing and I had to hurry and shovel the walks so I wouldn’t miss it. We sat on the couch with popcorn, bundled under blankets, and watched, wide-eyed as Olivia, the pig, taught us lessons of life. Since that day, Olivia has come into our home on TV, in books and now Ouchies introduces Olivia bandaids!


When the tin arrived, my six year old couldn’t wait to find a need for a bandage. She found the tiniest speck and declared it a tragic event until I relinquished the tin. I love the look of the new Ouchies bandages. They are a girlie girl and shout Olivia! My daughter feels like she’s well taken care of adorned in these bandages and I love that she smiles when she gets one.

There are five different designs and each one has my daughter giggling. Her most favorite is pink with the Olivia logo.


From the Ouchies website:

Based on the designs from the beloved children’s book, Olivia, these bandages are sure to spark the imagination, that Olivia is known in the pages of her stories for, of any child that wears them. There are five designs, 4 of each included in the box of 20.


Not to be outdone, Ouchies also has a new band-aid for boys after the cartoon Trucktown. My son loves this show and to divert that passion into a cover-up for one of his many wounds, well, Ouchies has outdone themself!
Unlike, his sister, Li’l Man does not have to look too carefully to find an owie. They are just part of his genetic structure. Trucktown to the rescue.
Here’s Li’l Man’s favorite, on an owie that came about once he discovered what was in the box!

From the Ouchies website:

Based on the designs of the fabulous book, Trucktown, these bandages are sure to start the engine of any youngster. There are five designs, 4 of each included in the box of 20.


As a mom, I love Ouchies because they have stay-put power. I don’t have to worry about replacing them throughout the day. They stick! I also appreciate that they bring joy to my wounded children. I’m also fond of the fun watching my children show off their owie due to the Ouchies bandage. It’s hilarious fun!

Ouchies are available at popular retailers across the country. You can use their store locator to find one near find one near you.

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