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How to Get Rid of Ants from my Pet’s Food and Litter box

Keeping pets is remarkable with all the cuddling and licking experience. However, the worst thing about them is when it comes to cleaning their food pot and litter box, especially when it is invaded with little crawling creatures, the ants. Some working moms go for self-cleaning litter boxes, but they still get attacked with ants if not correctly looked after. Minneapolis ant control serves in controlling ants from getting into your pet’s food and litter box and, eventually, their fur.

Other than professional help, let us discuss some useful tips that may prevent ants from taking over your pet’s area in the first place.

Dried food for dogs or cats in scoopbeing added to food bowl after learning how to get rid of ants from my pets food

1. Keep your house clean from every bit of crumb

If you are already a cleaning machine of your house, make sure to enhance your cleaning skills by not welcoming any crawlers after every bit of crumb on the floor. Cover all food items in airtight jars, especially your pet foods and sugar containers. Use pest control sprays that are safe to use with pets on alternate days while closing your kitchen at night. Make sure not to leave your food items and dustbins uncovered before going to sleep.

2. Line your pet’s litter box with a garbage bag

Use a trash bag to line up the litter box so that you can quickly and frequently change the gravel. Try to change the litter box three to four times a day, especially in summers. It will help you get rid of ants and the nasty smell that arises after every defecation.

3. Ant-proof food dish

During the summers, ants’ favorite destination is the pet’s food bowl. A simple way to hold back ants from your cat or dog’s food is to place the dish with food in a pan full of water. This will not only help to get ants away from your pet’s food but will also let your pet gulp on it whenever they need to quench in hot weather.

4. Use anti-flea and ants spray on their fur

Keep your pets clean and use anti-flea or anti-ant sprays or shampoos on their fur that are commonly available in the market. This will prevent ants from getting on your pet’s body and get rid of ant bites. It will serve in trashing them away from their arena as well.

What if nothing works?

Suppose these tips are not fruitful enough, and you still get frustrated by ants creeping inside your pet’s food and litter box. In that case, you can always seek help using pet-friendly pesticides and products available in the market to eradicate ants.

Bait traps and killers and also available that can be placed near or inside your pet’s kennel if they are safe with that. These traps work by attracting ants towards them. The ants feed on the bait and transfer some of it to their nests, where other ants get killed too.

Whatever procedure you carry out, it is crucial to eliminate ants entirely from your house, especially if your own pets and children.

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