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DIY Home Repairs Must-Haves

Don’t spend a fortune hiring professionals for DIY Home Repairs that you can do yourself. Read on for the must-have tools you will need. The home is where your heart is, and when we say that, we mean it is where we can comfortably sleep and rest and where we can be who we really are. However, what if the place that supposedly gives us peace actually gives us more headaches because of broken windows, broken faucets, etc.? Oops! Before you call the repair experts, check these DIY home repair must-haves, so you can do little repairs yourself or help experts fix your house.

Read on!

DIY Home Repairs Must-Haves


It is a manual or powered tool that is used, obviously from its name, for installing and removing screws.

There are a lot of different types of screwdrivers.

Two Most Common Types of Screwdrivers

Phillips Screwdriver

This is a type of screwdriver that has a cross-like Head (how stuff works).

It is commonly used because it is self-centering, with its tip directed to the center of the screw, which makes it easy to control, install, and uninstall the screw.  

Flat Head

Unlike Phillips, this basically and obviously has that flat Head.

Although it is common too, this one is not self-centering, making it behind Phillips regarding efficiency.


Claw Hammer

A claw hammer, without a doubt, is every household must-have when it comes to repairing things.

Commonly, it has a handle made of wood, and the Head is made of steel, but there are other claw hammers with the handle and the Head both made of steel, but the handle is coated and covered with soft materials, like rubber.

The Head of the claw hammer has two sides; one is flat for easy pounding, and the other is split, forming a V-shape for removing nails. 

 Imagine pounding and fastening nails into the wood without a hammer.

Well, that is sort of a nightmare, especially if it’s urgent, like repairing a broken wooden chair or table, because you have a visitor in a few minutes. 


Welding Machine

This is the most unusual must-have because this one requires you to learn how to become a welder.

Well, basically, this involves electricity and a lot of sparkles.

A welding machine is a device that supplies an electric current to fasten materials like metals.

Let’s say your window barriers are broken; a welding machine comes in to fix them again.

You do not want to sleep with your windows open to bad people and the elements. 


A plier is a staple tool with two metal handles and two flat metal heads used for straightening, bending wires, etc.

It is also used to cut excess wires and loosen and tighten bolts.

Pliers may also work hand in hand with hammers, like when you need to pound long nails, but you don’t want to sacrifice your fingers, so you will use pliers to hold the nails and keep it standing form for a successful shot for the hammer.

Some pliers have two limbs coated with rubber so you won’t lose your grip on them. 


Tape Measure

It is a type of ruler that is flexible and is used to measure longer distances.

Let’s say you are repairing your door and you want to get the exact height of it; leave the tape’s hook on the starting point, which is the upper rail, then pull the nylon-coated blade out of the tape’s case until you get the measurement or until you get to the end of the bottom rail, then mark it with a pen. 

Tool Box

The home repair-must haves list is not complete without a toolbox.

It’s like beautiful people without a beautiful home to house them.

A toolbox serves us your tools house that protects them from getting misplaced, lost, or stolen. 

assorted diy tools


Final Words

Home repairs do not mean leaving the job to experts.

You can be of great help if you have the right tools and know how to use them.

Make the task easy for home repair experts in case you call them to fix broken parts of your house, or you can also do the job yourself.  

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