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On Demand Learning for Today’s iGeneraton
Education On Demand

As PTA President and Mom to children of various age groups, I realize first hand the options for education: public schools vs. public schools, homeschooling, Charter and the growing more popular online schooling. There’s so much to take into consideration. I believe as parents the top priority most of us have for our children is that they receive a well-rounded education.

Online schooling provides options that aren’t necessarily available in a school room curriculum. It’s education where, when and how they want it. It’s exploring at their own pace and discovering options that intice their knowledge.

Mom Select gave my family the opportunity to review, a website that’s truly a knowledge base for those who are looking to kick their education up or catch up or even just further their education.

From the Online School Solutions website:

While all children are wired to learn, they do not all learn the same way. Online learning offers an individualized approach to school. Whether your child dreams of developing a new solar cell technology, becoming a teacher, astronaut or artist, online learning can be the first step in making their dreams come true.

We found the website user friendly with ease in navigation. To begin, you click on your state to find the availability of online schools available.

Utah yielded one school: Keystone, which is a Privately Licensed on line school.

I clicked on several other states and Keystone is the primary online school for pretty much all of the states. I am keeping in mind that is a new site and therefore a work in progress. Hopefully, this resource will continue to grow and provide a multitude of options such as online public schooling and the colleges that participate in the High School Credit Dual Enrollment program.

As I explored the Keystone option, the courses looked impressive and I felt they were something that would challenge my children. The cost was beyond our budget, but if it was necessary, we’d make it work.

Keystone provided plenty of options and I loved that it is self-paced and geared for the Middle and High School student–this is where those grades begin to count for college entry, and where girls/boys and cars and clothes start to test a child’s commitment to their education.

I have one child who has graduated. I remember sitting in the back of the car with him after his ceremony and he said, “Just so you know, Mom. I never thought dropping out was an option.” I have another child who quite possibly would take that option if he wasn’t fearful of what his mom would do to him. is a great supplement to a current curriculum. It provides an option that might just be the spark needed to help a child catch up, advance or receive some assistance to succeed.

A recent survey found that compared to traditional learning environments, online learning is proving to be an effective way in teaching today’s “iGeneration” who live in a world of customized and instant feedback. Here are highlights from the survey:

  • 72% of online students spend three or more hours on homework per week vs. 56% of students in traditional schooling.
  • 54% of online students get more challenges when they are doing well in school vs. 49% of students in traditional schooling.
  • 58% of online students get more help when they fall behind vs. 40% of students in traditional schooling.
  • Online students have more interest in attending a four year college after graduation than students in traditional schooling. 78% vs. 67%

I’m looking forward to watching OnlineSchoolSolutions grow and their options expand.

Disclosure: I will receive a gift card for this post. The opinions are my own. They were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experience may vary.

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