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How to Make Online Learning More Enjoyable for Your Children

Almost the entire world has shifted to the online platform since 2020. This includes the educational sector as well. Students of all ages have been coping with this ‘new normal’ in several ways. Today we are discussing how to make online learning more enjoyable for your children.

However, staring at a screen for long hours, followed by rigorous assignments, can induce monotony and stress in learners. As a parent, you can do wonders to make these online classes enjoyable for your children with a little effort.

Here are a few tips that can help you to make virtual learning a pleasant experience for your kids.

Happy Glasses Kid Playing Computer making online learning fun

Reduce Distractions

Providing a calm, stress-free, and conducive environment for your children to attend their classes from home is extremely important. It will allow them to focus on their lessons effectively. Interruptions hamper learning flow and ultimately discourage your child from enjoying the class.

To achieve this, make sure to select a spot in the house that is devoid of noise and distractions. You must also ensure that your child has access to a stable internet connection, as poor connectivity is equally off-putting as distracting surroundings. If you have more than one child, it is advisable to let your children sit in two separate rooms or significantly far from each other to eliminate a collision of sounds from their classes.

Employ Rhythms and Songs

Rhymes and jingles are fun and trigger the innate human ability to strike a beat and follow a pattern. This can be very useful for young children and some older children as well. You can help your child memorize various lessons once you turn those lessons into songs. For instance, children can easily learn multiplication tables, poems, geographical names, names of various political leaders, or even scientific formulas once they are arranged in a musical pattern.

Use Games

Many lessons can be made much more fun if they can be revised at home in games. You could play a game of scrabble to improve your child’s vocabulary or even make use of puzzles and riddles to encourage them to refer to their textbooks and notes more often.

Explain Technology

If your child isn’t enjoying online classes, of the reasons could be that they are not familiar with using the technology being used. This is more common in younger kids who are not tech-savvy and cannot follow classes. Simple things like muting and un-muting the microphone, turning the video on, viewing a video, and responding in class can help your children actively engage in the virtual classroom and take pleasure in their lessons.

Be Empathetic

After all, they are just children, and it is natural for them to take time to cope with the new learning methods. Some children adjust to these changes promptly, while some require extra time.

It’s worth remembering that every child is not the same. Therefore, you need to have a personalized approach toward your wards to help them overcome obstacles. Praising them for their achievements and empathetically consoling them at their failures are equally instrumental in motivating them toward the best versions of themselves. You must be a mindful and patient parent in order to guide your children toward their advantage successfully.

As a parent, you can enhance their learning experience and tap into their natural curiosity to help them learn better. One of the ways to do this is by encouraging them to take up online courses from reputed platforms like Learning Cloud. They offer many courses catering to almost every field of interest, which can supplement what your kids learn in school and allow them to pursue the topics they are interested in independently. It’s an excellent way to help them use all the extra time they suddenly have at their hands while making online learning an enjoyable experience for them.

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