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Fashion Playtes Review

Summer is Here! 
I remember being a young girl and playing with something called Fashion Plates. Remember? You took the different plates and combined them and then used a crayon to go over the plates to create the outfit complete with texture! It was oodles of fun!
Fast forward twenty some years and you have the Fashion Playtes of my daughters’ generation. It’s far more interactive and the result is amazing delight!
Fashion Playtes is an interactive site where you can create shirts, shorts, skirts, tee shirts and more. You choose the style and color and then start adding embellishments. There is a large selection of embroidered designs, rhinestones, themes, ribbons, accents and more.
My girls had a blast designing shirt after shirt.
Then we had to draw straws because only one would have the opportunity of creating a shirt on the site and then receiving their creation in the mail.
I don’t think they really understood EXACTLY what was about to happen.
Together they were Vera Wang and Donatella Versace. Using Fashion Playtes Designer Template they created a short-sleeved shirt. They chose a salmon-colored pink. From there they added an embroidered lemon–nothing says Summer like fresh lemonade. They added some bling around the collar. It was glorious.
Then we drew straws and the winner created a label for their work.


We waited.


Then, it arrived. It was delightful! The smile on The Divine Miss M’s face was priceless. She could NOT believe it was the EXACT shirt they had created!
Isn’t it a great representation of Summer and budding Fashion Designers?!
Disclosure: I received no moneary compensation for this post. I received the product mentioned in this post in order to faciliate and honest review. The opinons, where expressed, are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experience may vary.
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