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Making Dinner Bon Jovi Style!

We run things differently at my house. Life is centered around Bon Jovi.

I use Bon Jovi as “punishment” to the kiddos.

It all started back when Jake was a tween.

He voiced his opinion one too many times about how Bon Jovi was this and he was that (nothing that I’d repeat here).

So…when we would go in the car, I’d control the CD Player and blast Bon Jovi through the speakers.

Now, it’s become sort of a joke at my house.

Li’l Man sometimes has to go to time-out..this translates to “sit by Mom and listen to “X” amount of Bon Jovi songs.

It’s brutal I know, but I’m the Mom.

It’s provided great entertainment for me.

Once after three songs, Li’l Man uttered, “Just think. Somewhere out there a girl is listening to Justin Beiber and has no idea how it’s going to affect her kids.”

Another time, when the punishment was the ENTIRE album, he asked, “Mom, where did you learn about Bon Jovi?”

I explained, “When I was sixteen, my friend, Harvey, introduced me to his music.”

When the next song came on Li’l Man said, “Well, played, Harvey. Well played.”

At our house we “clean like Bon Jovi’s coming”.

The kiddos know this means it’s serious.

I tell them to clean like Bon Jovi’s knocking on the door in 30-minutes.

They rush to clean their rooms because should it *really* happen and their room is the sty that sends him back out the door…well, no one wants to have to live with that and Mom.

Now, we’re cooking Bon Jovi style.

To some, this translates to Italian.

Whatever works.

It all started when Rachel posted her Quick and Easy Italian Sauce Recipe.

I decided to throw caution to the wind.

My husband’s first love is Italian and for years he raved about her sauce.

One day he asked if I knew how to make sauce. I said, “Yup!”

He asked, “Will you make me some?”


“Why is that?” He questioned.

“I’ve been told you already had the best sauce EVER; why would I try?” I retorted.

Well, last Sunday was the day that he ate crow.

With Rachel’s help, I made dinner Bon Jovi Style…I followed the direction.

I even paid attention, telling my my husband I’d be back in a few minutes to stir the sauce in 10 minutes.

He did and left me this as a token of his contribution:


I didn’t let it deter me.

The house was filled with delicious aromas and the sauce was finished.

Oh, how beautiful its color is:

Quick and Easy Italian Sauce Recipe

Then came the moment went I’d claim the title and rid myself of my husband’s ex’s sauce for good!

italian marinara

Try this recipe.

It’s amazing! It’s delicious!


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