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Bon Jovi is Alive and SO Hot!

It all started with this post:  International Rock Legend, Bon Jovi, Dead at 49 (FaceCrooks).  It was sent to me by a dear friend who knows that I absolutely LOVE Jon Bon Jovi.


I read it, and my heart thumped. It wanted to burst from my chest. From there, I screamed. My husband came running, and I was so choked up and bawling that all I could say was, “NO!”

My husband saw the picture and the headline and said, “Car crash?”

I shook my head, “no,”.

He read the article and said, “I thought he was clean? It had to be dope!”

I bawled and screamed, “You didn’t take me to his concert!”

He wanted to know how many times I needed to see Bon Jovi. Duh!

My phone went bonkers with phone calls.

My FB wall was asking if it was true.

My twitter DM feed was crazy!

Then someone sent this picture to me.

bon jovi alive and well in new jersey

I’m pretty sure Heaven looks more like the man holding the picture than New Jersey!

The man is hot.

My husband is now on my “poop list” for saying MY man was usin’!

And whoever started the rumor…is wanted DEAD or alive.

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