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Lollipop Roses and Violets Valentine Craft

Roses are Red, 
Violets are Blue,
 This Craft is Made Using Scotch Blue
Roses are Red #DIY #Valentine #craft
Li’l Man and I did some crafting today. He was so excited to give his dad his special Valentine, made partially with Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape. You can omit the Scotch blue, as Li’l Man did for one of the flowers, but truly, we think it adds “JUST FOR DAD” to the project.
Red Roses and Violets Blue

What You Need:

One lollipop for each flower (we used “Blow Pops”) 

Three 5” squares of tissue paper in red

Three 5″ sheets of Scotch Blue (see below)

Green paper





Lollipop Roses and Violets Valentine Craft
  1. Start by covering a piece of paper with Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape. Li’l Man thought this was great fun and was attentive to ensuring the paper was covered.
Lollipop Roses and Violets Valentine Craft
2.) Measure a 5″x5″ square (you’ll need three). I made a template for Li’l Man to trace onto the Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape covered paper.


Lollipop Roses and Violets Valentine Craft
3.) Once you have the 5″x5″ squares drawn, cut them out.
Lollipop Roses and Violets Valentine Craft
4.) Place them one on top of the other, and rotate each to ensure that the corners don’t match up. You want a layered look!
Lollipop Roses and Violets Valentine Craft
5.) Using the Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape, we taped down the wrapper step to make an even top on the sucker.
Lollipop Roses and Violets Valentine Craft
6.) Place the top of the sucker into the center of the three paper squares, and pull the papers down over the sucker. 
Lollipop Roses and Violets Valentine Craft
7.) Fasten the papers with a small rubber band or twist-tie (Li’l Man used one of his sister’s hair bands); the sucker will make a ball in the center, and the paper will flair out around it.
Lollipop Roses and Violets Valentine Craft
8.) Draw 4 leaves for each sucker on the backside of green paper. Each leaf should be about 3″ long and about 2″ wide.
9.) Cut out the leaves using scissors
Lollipop Roses and Violets Valentine Craft
10.) Now drive the end of the sucker stick through the end of each leaf, and run the leaves up the “stem” so that they support the papers.
11.) Using a small piece of Scotch Blue Painter’s tape, wrap around the sucker’s stick to hold the leaves in place.
12.) For Red Roses, repeat the above steps starting with Step 2 above using red tissue paper.
Lollipop Roses and Violets Valentine Craft
Expect a delightful bouquet of Roses and Violets worthy of any Valentine!

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I received Scotch Blue painter’s tape to facilitate an honest review. No monetary compensation was received. The opinions expressed were my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others’ experience may vary.

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