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How To Wake Up Refreshed When Traveling

The information listed below should serve as recommendations for steps you can take to improve the likelihood you get a good night’s sleep while traveling.

When you are traveling, it’s important that you wake up refreshed every day while away from home.

That’s especially true if you are vacationing or have an important business meeting.

While a good night’s sleep is always the goal, some people just don’t sleep well away from home.

It could have something to do with uncomfortable beds or maybe its the excitement over what’s waiting when they wake up the next morning.

If you have had difficulty waking up feeling re-freshened during your recent travels, you are surely interested in finding ways to fix those issues.


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Winding Down the Right Way

Feeling refreshed when you awaken depends greatly on the quality of sleep you get.

If you are in the habit of interacting with electronic devices prior to bedtime, you are doing yourself a sleeping disservice.

Exposure to the “blue light” put off by electronic devices interferes with the brain’s melatonin production, which helps create better sleep.

If you want a better night’s sleep, shut down the electronics and relax 30 minutes before bedtime, shares Ciphr.

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No Snoozing

Most people don’t understand how their body works.

When you awake in the morning, you have completed your sleep cycle, whether adequate or not.

If you don’t feel refreshed, any attempts to snooze that feeling away will be counterproductive.


The act of snoozing starts a new sleep cycle, which isn’t going to end the right way when interrupted by the snooze alarm.

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Get Active

When you wake up while on vacation, you might have thought it’s okay to lounge in bed for a little while.

It’s okay from a time standpoint, but it’s likely to interfere with your chances of feeling fresh and ready to go.

A better alternative is to hit the floor within moments of awakening.

You can go the restroom, open the blinds, do a couple of exercises and start mentally preparing yourself for the day ahead.

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As you sleep, your body’s hydration levels tend to diminish.

Immediately hitting the restroom when you awake only serves to exacerbate the problem.

If your next step is to reach for the coffee pot, put that thought on hold for a little while.

You should start your morning by drinking a glass of water, which will allow your body to start re-hydrating.

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Watch What You Eat and Drink Prior to Bedtime


According to Healthline, eating and drinking just prior to bedtime is a real no-no if your goals are getting a good night’s sleep and awakening feeling refreshed.

It shouldn’t be necessary to say it, but no caffeine before bed.

As for food, eating most foods close to bedtime only assures that your body will be working overtime while you are trying to sleep.

You won’t get the rest you need, which is counterproductive to feeling refreshed.

Hopefully, you will take heed of these suggestions the next time you travel.

Whether you are going to Disneyland or a business meeting the next day, your overall experience will be much more fulfilling if you were able to sleep well and wake up feeling refreshed.

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