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Wake-Up Lights: Let the Alarm Snooze Forever while You Wake Up to the Light

Most people face a problem when it comes to waking up in the morning. The blaring alarms also don’t seem to break their deep slumber. If you also belong to that tribe, you must be wondering about a solution. Well, it may sound funny, but you can achieve it by only tweaking your external stimuli a bit, such as lighting conditions. By developing a suitable lighting atmosphere, you can improve your wake-up experience exceedingly well.

Late risers can generally get up faster because of the brightness of the natural light that immediately sends a signal to their brain that the day has started, writes Medium. Similarly, when the morning time paves the way for the night, causing darkness, your brain signals that you can sleep now as it is dark. All this happens because the light receptors in the eyes can measure the quality of light around you and transmit the signal.

That explains why you still don’t get up when your alarm rings in the darkroom. But as soon as you draw curtains apart and the flush of light enters your bedroom, your eyes get wide open. From this, one thing is clear you can make your whole waking up experience more pleasant and responsive by controlling how the light breaks out just like a sunrise. What do you need to achieve it? Since ordinary daylight lamps cannot produce the same effect as natural daylight, you need something specific for your need, such as Wake-Up Lights.

wake-up lights helping woman wake-up

What makes Wake-Up Lights effective?

A Wake-Up Light simulates sunrise, due to which your body tends to respond to it in a way as it will do during the natural daylight by getting the right hormonal signals, explains Forbes. So, if you have hated it for some time to rise from your bed at the loud sound of your alarm clock, then you can perhaps find a suitable companion in this lighting system which increases its brightness following the wake-up time set on it. Some devices come with ambient sounds and music for those who need audible sensory stimulation.

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What are the benefits of Wake-Up Lights?

  • Unlike usual alarms, which you can easily manipulate by sending them to a snooze mode, Wake-Up Lights make your awakening far more smooth and enjoyable by stimulating your internal body response so that you feel refreshed.
  • The loud sound of the alarm feels like noise to your brain, making you annoyed and irritable. Even if you get up at once, you don’t feel happiness. However, Wake-Up lights, by conditioning the lighting atmosphere, prepare your room and your body so that you enjoy waking up.
  • During winters or rainy seasons, you find difficulty waking up to a great extent because of the lack of sunshine. But when you install Wake-Up Lights in your room, you get rid of this problem forever.

The market abounds in the best Wake-Up Lights–check out for the top 4. If you opt for a premium model, you can get almost about 20 different levels of brightness compared to lower-end devices that offer anywhere from 3 to 10 types of setting options.

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