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How to Improve Your Workout Routine in 7 Steps

Losing weight, gaining strength, or increasing endurance, every individual will eventually hit a plateau in your workout routine where you can’t seem to improve.

Exercise is the perfect reverse of aging.

Building stronger muscles, fight off chronic illnesses and improve the fit of your clothes.

Here are 7 steps you can incorporate in your workout that inject life into your workout.

How to Improve Your Workout Routine in 7 Steps

1. Start Foam Rolling

As you exercise and workout, you’ll get an initial soreness in the affected muscles called delayed onset muscle soreness.

This is caused by small tears within the muscle from your workout, strengthening your muscles.

As these microtears heal, it creates tension on the muscle leading to tightness.

This makes moving more challenging, resulting in muscle pains, cramping, or injury, affecting your workout results.

Foam rolling your muscle is the perfect warmup and cooldown.

It is a self-myofascial release that helps relieve muscle tightness, soreness and increase range of motion.

Massaging the muscles help increase blood flow and bring oxygen into the tissues, aiding the natural healing process.

Reducing the soreness and stiffness will increase your muscle growth, improving your workout.

woman Foam rolling

2. Train Your Weak Points First

Find the part of the body you have the least strength.

This may include grip strength, muscle strength, or flexibility.

Having imbalances can overuse certain parts of muscles and cause injury.

This is from muscles compensating for weaker muscles, taking all the strain and impact.

Glutes and Hips are common weak muscles.

Being at work and sitting for long periods creates imbalances.

Forearms determine your grip strength and how much weight you can lift.

Without forearm strength, your arms, upper body, and back are forced to compensate, increasing the likeliness of an injury.

Abdominals are the core that makes your body strong.

It works with your lower balance to balance and stabilize your body.

Weakness occurs from poor posture and lousy form from weight lifting, straining your spine or your back.

Make sure your program is focused on attacking your weaknesses.

Isolating particular muscles to rebalance your body and prevent injury.

woman working out with hand weights to improve her workout

3. Notice your breathing when lifting

Knowing how to breathe correctly is essential for posture and core strength.

Many individuals don’t breathe correctly because there’ve been born knowing how to do it.

Diaphragmatic breathing engages the diaphragm muscles with every breath, delivering enough oxygen to the muscles.

Every breath changes the lungs’ volume and the position of the spine, ribs, and pelvis.

This ensures your core is activated, preventing muscle injuries while reducing muscle fatigue.

Breathing is the most natural process in your body.

Having techniques to utilize your body can create a strong base to improve your lifts and increase endurance.

man lifting weights at the gym

4. Add Preworkout into your workout

A good preworkout supplement combines nutrients (BCAAs, Caffeine, and Nitric Oxide) designed to improve your body’s performance and recovery.


This is an amino acid that boosts muscle growth and enhances physical performance.


This assists in burning fat faster while providing you more energy and focus on performing your workout.

Nitric Oxide

This is produced in nearly every cell in the human body. Increasing blood flow and lowering blood pressure resulting in better cardiovascular strength and a bigger muscle pump.

When looking for pre-workouts, make sure there aren’t any artificial ingredients, such as artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners.

The experts from FitnessInformant provide a comprehensive overview of all the best pre-workouts on the market.

These Thermogenic pre-workout supplements enhance your workout by boosting your energy and burning fats.

Thermogenic pre-workout supplements

5. Finish with a High-Intensity Interval Training

According to Self, High-Intensity Interval Training is the best way to burn fat quickly.

Involving intensive exercises alternated with low-intensity recovery periods helps burn calories faster.

Lasting up to 20 minutes, they are the perfect workout to improve your endurance, heart, and individuals who have a busy schedule.

woman using ropes for High-Intensity Interval Training is the best way to burn fat in a short time.

6. Track your progress and test yourself

Motivation is the most significant force for individuals to work out.

A fitness journal that keeps your results accountable can help you stay focused on your goal, shares Women’s Health Magazine.

Things to include in your journal are Body Weight, Calorie Intake, and Workout progress.

Seeing the progression from when you started keeps you determined to keep pushing.

7. Allow time to recover

You must learn to rest to become stronger, faster, and fitter.

Working out tears your muscles, while recovery strengthens them, explains Live Strong.

By neglecting to rest, you are more likely to have an injury.

Performing active recovery and foam rolling on rest days can help muscles heal faster, resulting in increasing your strength.

Individuals have the misconception that working harder will help them overcome their plateaus.

Resting and giving your body a chance to heal can be the most significant factor in improving your workouts.

Try out these tips and let us know how they can help improve your workout routine.

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