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What Drinking Water Contaminants Can Make Your Kids Sick?

Water is something that we drink (or are supposed to drink) every single day.

Most of us never consider where our water comes from, though.

Nor do we give any thought to what could be lurking inside. 

According to EPA, contaminants in your water supply can cause illness.

Sometimes only a small amount is necessary to cause an adverse reaction. 

Anything other than water molecules in your water is a contaminant.

Of course, not all are harmful.

Some are even entirely harmless altogether. 

Let’s take a closer look at some common contaminants to watch out for.

boy with bike helmet on and orange shirt drinking water from blue water bottle free of drinking water contaminants

What Drinking Water Contaminants Make Your Kids Sick?


We thought we’d open up our list of toxic contaminants with a not-so-toxic one.

You’re probably wondering, “What is ammonia doing on this list if it’s not toxic?”

While ammonia is not dangerous for humans, it can devastate aquatic life.

If you have a fish tank, you’ll need to proceed with caution if there’s ammonia in your water supply.

Be sure to do your due diligence before putting fish into the water. 


Arsenic is one of the most dangerous water contaminants.

Inorganic arsenic is found in the groundwater (CDC) of several countries, including the United States.

It’s a confirmed carcinogen (WHO) that can cause several types of cancer, including skin, kidney, and bladder. 


Barium can enter your water supply through vehicle component manufacturing and mineral deposits.

States like Alaska, Georgia, and Nevada are especially susceptible to barium contamination. 

The adverse effects of drinking barium-rich water are plentiful.

You may have trouble breathing, high blood pressure, and even brain swelling. 


There are several ways that lead can enter your water supply.

The most common is if your home was built with lead pipes and fixtures.

If you live in a newer dwelling, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Congress passed a law in 1986 (EPA) banning the use of pipes, solder, or flux that are not lead-free. 

Younger children are especially susceptible to the effects of lead poisoning.

A dose that would not affect an adult can devastate a child.

Even low levels of exposure in children can cause learning disabilities, decreased IQ, and hearing problems.

dad at table with daughter who is drinking water free of contaminants



Some bacteria and viruses can live in pre-treated or poorly treated water. 

e coli 

This is probably the most well-known microorganism that can appear in your water supply.

It can also appear in food supplies and has been at the center of many recalls in recent years.


This is a microscopic parasite infamous for causing diarrhea. 

Your city’s filtration systems will filter most of these microorganisms.  

Some bacteria and viruses living in water up close under microscope


How to Protect Your Family From Water Contaminants 

The best way to avoid water contamination is to invest in a water filter such as a Filtap system.

These systems remove impurities like sediment from your water.

They can also remove bad tastes and odors that can sometimes be in your supply. 

Benefits of Filtration Systems

The main benefit, of course, is protecting your family from potentially harmful contaminants. 

You’ll also be saving money and the environment in the long run too.

Americans buy one million plastic water bottles every minute. (eco watch)

Around 60 million of these wind up in landfills. (CRI)  

A filtration system makes clean water accessible at all times. 

We all know how vital water is to our survival.  

According to Unclutterer, filtered water tastes fantastic, making you more likely to reach for a cup when thirsty. 

mom in white and navy shirt pouring drinking water from filter.


Protect Yourself and Your Family Today

It’s always better to be safe than sorry about your health.

If you’ve had contaminants in your water supply before, you know how scary it can be.

We recommend investing in a water filtration system to put your mind at ease. 

Check your water for these and other drinking water contaminants for better health.

Check out our Health and Wellness section for more healthy living tips. 

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