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Holiday Gift Guide: Untie The Ribbons

Because Some of the Best Gifts Come with Ribbon

Every year, I set a basket by my door and place it inside small gifts of appreciation. They aren’t specifically intended for anyone in particular. I share them with the postal person, the delivery guys, and anyone who happens to stop by or that gift-bearer I wasn’t expecting. This basket has been my Holiday Blessing and the gifts have been inexpensive gestures of gratitude.

Meet Melony Marie Rector, born and raised in Oklahoma and owner and creator of Untie The Ribbons. She understands the concept of giving a lovely gift without breaking the bank. Her shop has some fun items for gifting at the office, the classroom, a Holiday Party, or even “just because”. From Cocoa Cones to Simply Sweet Sacks there’s a delight just oozing from their ribbons! 

Untie the Ribbons was named “after searching the internet for inspirational quotes. I wanted something whimsical and heart-warming.  I fell in love with “Untie the Ribbons” paired with a shop message of “Each day comes bearing its gifts…”  I feel the shop name is a great reflection of the products that I offer my customers.  The products I am focused on are Gift Baskets, Hang Tags, Gift Cones, and Gift Pockets.  The shop message, for me, encompassed more than just the aspect of giving or receiving a gift – it reminds me that no matter what kind of day I have, to try and always let go of the bad, appreciate the good, and press forward with anticipation for each new day that I may be granted here on this earth.”

Rooted deep in family Melony shared, “My favorite holiday memories have always been the gathering of my family for dinners, egg hunts, fireworks, trips to the pumpkin patch, trick or treating, or gift exchanges.”

Beyond the end of the year celebration, Melony’s most beloved and favorite creations are her Boutique Bunnies. “They make great gifts or decorations by themselves; however, they are perfect used in Easter or Baby Baskets.” While it’s not an original design (Melony purchased the self-created, hand-drawn pattern from another Etsy shop, she’s made it her own. “I cut the pattern out of cotton washcloths in various colors and textures.  I sew the pattern and fill it with batting. My mom suggested to ruche the bunny’s ears. Sure enough, the batch I made like that turned out really cute.  I use different colors of felt and embroidery thread to create their faces. I tie on a beautiful ribbon between the head and body.  I use one of my die-cut flower designs to create a bunny tail.  They are very soft and kid-friendly.” Boutique Bunnies are something to look forward to in the Spring when Melony plans to have an entire product line of these cuddly friends!

I asked Melony to imagine Santa making a delivery to a celebrity from Untie the Ribbons, who is the celebrity, and what does he bring?” 

Her reply, “Santa delivers to Carrie Underwood my Friendship Tea Gift Cone.  This would extend an offer of friendship towards her.  I truly think she would enjoy the vigorous aroma of cinnamon and cloves and be relaxed and rejuvenated by the warmth and taste of the tea.”

It’s items like the Friendship Tea Gift cone that give Untie the Ribbons year-round appeal. Each product can be celebrated for so many different occasions:   Just Because, Holidays, Birthdays, Weddings, Showers, Teachers, Slumber Parties, Care Packages, and Gift Baskets just to name a few.

Melony is fortunate enough to come from a family tree of creativity. “As a child, I can remember my mom sewing costumes, and my Holly Hobby Bedspread and Canopy Cover, embroidering, making beaded baskets, homemade birthday and holiday cakes, and even reupholstering car seats.  My Dad and Uncle used their hands and imaginations to build new houses and remodel old ones.” It’s all these moments and people that helped Melony learn her talent.

Like so many of us, Melony says, “My greatest accomplishment is my family and friends” She also is celebrating 20-years at her corporate job this month. Melony hopes “to continue to grow my Etsy Shop by leaps and bounds and someday open a physical Gift Shop.  I can picture it in my head.  It is vintage in style and full of whimsy.  Twinkling lights from inside catch your eye as you drive by and have to turn around. As you open the door the most wonderful smells pour out…is it that great candle that you smell? Could it be that new batch of chocolate chip cookies baking for that special gift basket? The flavored coffee or tea customers are sipping as they sit for a spell and chat in my shop’s cozy corner?  Like you, I can’t wait!” 

Inspiration is not an issue for Melony, she reveals, “So many things inspire me to create such as a holiday, whimsical clipart, stamps, papers, paper punches, paint colors, beautiful baskets, glass jars, vintage furniture, fabrics, ribbons, tulle, and warm and yummy smells.”

When Melony is not creating she can be found “attending craft fairs and flea markets. I enjoy re-doing rooms in my home and working in my flower beds. I love to go camping with my family and sit by the fire and look at the bright stars shining in the night sky. Taking a day off and having breakfast or lunch with my little boy and seeing a movie or taking him to the park to play.”

Melony’s favorite quote is: “Faith is not about everything turning out OK; Faith is about being OK no matter how things turn out.” She truly believes “My faith lies with God.  In God all things are possible.  God Bless You All!”

CRAFT SHOWS SCHEDULED-I will have a booth this upcoming Craft Show. If you are in the area please, stop by and introduce yourself!

25th Annual Bixby Arts and Crafts Show
Saturday – December 4th, 2010
9:00am to 4:00pm
Bixby Community Center
211 N. Cabaniss
Bixby, OK 74008


Visit Untie the Ribbons and discover the perfect gift for one or many on your Holiday list.

I received no compensation for this post. 

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