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Review: Shutterfly

Here Come the Holidays!


This is a guest post by: Lauralee S.
I am loyal. 100%. This will sound kooky, but it is true of companies that I shop. I am a loyal consumer. I buy brands that I know have high quality from companies that can give me the products that I expect in a quick and timely manner. My friends all think I am goofy because I am such a discerning customer.

They’re the reason for
my Shutterfly addiction

Since my first digital camera ten years ago, I have run the gamut on digital photography sites. I’ve tried them all..I even lost all of my pictures from 2006 because a photo website deleted all of my pictures right after my computer crashed. Aargh!

Three years ago, I found Shutterfly. I LOVE Shutterfly. I mean I REALLY love Shutterfly. Shutterfly offers me more than just quality, inexpensive prints and enlargements with great color and clarity; it offers me the satisfaction of knowing that my pictures will never be deleted or lost.

Joy and Magic by Stacy Clare Boyd

And have you seen the BEAUTIFUL holiday cards and invitations that Shutterfly offers?! WOW! I can take my photos and create stunning works that my friends, families, and guests are amazed by. And the paper?! Let me tell you, as a paper snob, the quality paper that Shutterfly uses rivals that which I found in print shops. Your friends and family will feel like you have put so much effort and cost into your holiday cards; it will be our little secret on the ease and frugality of making these treasures! Your card will definitely be making the mantel this year!

I *love* Shutterfly

This year, we made TWO Christmas cards. My two big kiddos each wanted a separate design. It was extremely easy to do also. I found the first design, “Joy and Magic” by Stacy Clare Boyd, a photo Christmas Card and picked pictures that I thought reflected my family’s personality and slid them onto the appropriate spots. After some quick bios of what each kiddo has been doing this year for the inside, I was into the project for maybe 20 minutes. The next card that I made was a Vanilla Print Merry Christmas card. It was even easier! Because I wanted to use the same photos, I just chose a different card design and the photos were there automatically. With a few minor adjustments, my card was finished in less than five minutes! I ordered them yesterday; Shutterfly sent me an email this morning telling me that my cards would be here in one week.

How fun is Shutterfly!

Last year for my sister-in-law’s baby shower, I was in charge of the invitations. I was planning to make an elegant, complicated invitation; however, I got very sick and was just physically unable to do the work required. Shutterfly was there for me! I chose a simple, elegant invitation, typed in the details, and VOILA! my invitation was complete. I was even able to see how different baby shower invitations would look with my details by changing the card styles. Shutterfly even mailed the invitations to all of the guests for me; all I had to do was type in names and addresses. Super simple, but my guests and family thought I had spent countless house making sure everything was “just so”!

Treasured Memories preserved by Shutterfly

I also am clearly in love with Shutterfly’s awesome photo albums. I recently was LUCKY enough to host a Shutterfly HouseParty and even I was amazed at how many photo albums I have created of my children, of holiday gatherings, and of everyday events. They are a perfect way to showcase those really great pictures we take every day. I can be creative and take as much or as little time as I want to create them because I don’t have to worry about my two-year-old getting into my scrapbooking supplies. Check out SimplePath to make a book in less than ten minutes. AWESOME!

While you’re at Shutterfly’s awesome site, check out their other great photo gifts. The mugs are high quality, and they have come out with some really great new designs this year. I ordered a photo ornament for some friends with whom we went camping this summer, and it was GORGEOUS! (I had to order another for my family.) I like to give photo ornaments as gifts because it allows our friends to reflect on memories that they have with us when they pull out their ornament box, yet it doesn’t cause clutter throughout the rest of the year. It is truly thoughtful. For Father’s Day, my kiddos always make Daddy a shirt with a picture and their handprints. I have never trusted this to anyone else–until this year. Shutterfly’s tee-shirts are thick cotton tees and the pictures don’t fade or peel off like the “homemade” ones of yore. It was MUCH easier and so much fun for the kids to have a hand in designing the gift.

OH, and don’t forget to start a Share site. It’s a great, secure way to share photos and videos with friends and family. I have at least five sites that are for different groups: family and friends, just family, our homeschool co-op, and the kids’ soccer teams. YOU control who sees each site by email invitation and others can add pictures to your sites if you allow them.

Shutterfly is an incredible company with excellent quality, fantastic customer service, and reliable and quick delivery. I LOVE Shutterfly!

This post is part of the Bloggers can get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly campaign. 50 cards will be received as compensation. No other compensation will be received. The opinions expressed are the writer’s and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.

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