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Crystal Roses with a Gem Garden Box

Move over Hershey Kisses Roses, Captivate with Crystal Roses presented with a Gem Garden Box to identify each crystal surprise tucked inside.

Create a stunning Bouquet of Crystal Roses with a Gem Garden Box to identify each Rose’s crystal! A few supplies and the crystal of your choice with these simple steps will have you on your way. We recommend New Moon Beginnings Etsy Shop for the finest selection and authentic crystals. New Moon Beginnings also includes a cute card that give details about the crystal.

Learn how to craft a crystal bouquet masterpiece with these step-by-step instructions.

Crafting these cellophane crystal flowers is a delightful and unique way to express love on Valentine’s Day, at bridal showers, birthdays, or simply as a thoughtful gesture.

Each crystal rose is easy to make to make and requires minimal time. The cost will vary depending on the size and type of crystals chosen.

transform moments into memories with our Crystal Rose Bouquet. Delicately crafted, it comes beautifully presented with a Gem Garden Box to identify the crystals. I used crystals with red cellophane, streamer leaves, and green floral tape.

This Crystal Flower tutorial is easy to follow, and soon you’ll have a dozen crystal flowers to cherish.

The tutorial focuses on Valentine’s Day, so we recommend using Valentine’s Themed embellishments and crystals of your choice.

Crystals are exquisite, and these crystal flowers will transform you into your own crystal florist!

These crystal flowers are long-lasting and merge the beauty of crystals with the symbolism of flowers.

In 2011, on CNN, the average Valentine’s Day price for a dozen florist-arranged, long-stemmed roses in the United States was just above $73, according to the Society of American Florists.

At other times of the year, it’s just more than $59.

Gift it alone or enhance the presentation by adding a traditional box of chocolates or stuffed animal for the ultimate chocolate and crystal combination.

Want the crystal flower DIY? Read on!

You will need a few items:

  • crystals of your choice
  • 20-30 gauge floral wire
  • floral tape
  • tulle or bow
  • cellophane
  • floral leaves (or ribbon or crepe paper will work)
  • Vase
  • pebbles or vase beads
  • Scotch Tape
  • Sharpie

crystal rose bouquet collage

How to Make a Crystal Roses


  • For each crystal flower, cut a square of cellophane (depending on the size of the crystal 5″x5″)
  • Place cystal in center, with points of cellophane pointing north, east, west, and south.

crystal on red cellophane

  • Wrap the crystal in  the cellophane—by folding the top corner to the bottom corner, and then folding each side over (to create the rose petals)

folding top corner to bottom corner over crystal

  • Next, fold the cellophane over the crystal’s front. This will give you a crystal bud.

folding sides over crystal

  • Secure the cellophane over the crystals using the florist tape. This will give you a crystal bud.

  • You can add a premade rose sepal or create your own. I took a square of streamer and folded it corner to corner and then cut a “V” from the center.

Enhance your crystal's allure! Elevate your crafting with the addition of a sepal to the cellophane-wrapped crystal.

  • Place the florist wire against the florist tape that secures the crystal.

crystal bud with stem and sepal

  • Next, place two or more florist wires together (number will depend on the weight of your crystal) and wrap them together the entire length of the wire with the florist tape.
  • Starting at the bottom of the crystal, wrap florist tape around the edges of the wire and the bud’s florist tape—continuing down the entire length of wire with tape.
  • If desired, add 1 or 2 artificial leaves, or use ribbon and fold it in half to make a loop.
  • Place the leaf or ribbon against the wire where you want and secure it with florist tape as you twist it down the wire.
  • Continue wrapping floral tape down the wire until the “stem” is the length you want.
  • Using wire cutters, trim the wire.
  • Add a scotch tape tag by folding over the wire stem and sticking each side to the other
  • Use the sharpie to write a number on the tape tag and the crystal’s identifying card.

roses with identifying cards

You have now completed your crystal flower!

Continue these steps to build a bouquet and arrange the crystal flowers in your Gem Garden Box.

To Make the Gem Garden Box:


    • Celestial Seasonings Tea Box
    • (2) 12X12 pieces of Valentine Themed Card-Stock
    • Small piece of pink card stock
    • Glue
    • Paint Brush for even glue application
    • Label “Gem Garden Box”Prepare the Template:
      • Disassemble the Celestial Seasonings tea box meticulously.
      • Place it on a 12×12 square stock paper, tracing the box outline with a sharpie.
      • Take note of the scoring lines for the paper folds.
      • Score the lines with scissors for easy folding.
      • Cut out the template.
      • Repeat the process on a second 12×12 box, tracing the remaining part of the box not captured in the first sheet and cutting out the template.

Assemble the Box:

      • Lay the Celestial Seasonings box flat, face up.
      • Apply a thin, even coat of glue using a water-dipped paintbrush for precise spreading.
      • Carefully position the cut-out template on the tea box, rubbing down to eliminate bubbles.
      • Allow it to dry before folding the box back into its original shape.
      • Secure the tabs with glue and let them dry.
      • Fill the box by adding numbered crystal cards.

gem garden box with amethyst card

Label the Box:

      • Design a label for the box or print a pre-made one.
      • Cut a piece of pink cardstock to serve as a decorative border for the label.
      • Attach the label to the front of the box.

Red & Pink Simple Valentine Day Gem Garden Lable

Adjust or resize here.

  • Design a label for the Inside of the box or print a pre-made one.

Red Rose Happy Valentines Day Greeting Card

Adjust or resize here.

Or this one:

Red Cream Brown Simple Valentine's Day Card for inside of gem garden box

Adjust or resize here:

Prepare the Crystal Roses:

      • Arrange crystal roses in a vase and add pebbles for stability.
      • Arrange the stems for an elegant presentation.
      • Layer sheets of cellophane around the crystals, similar to wrapping tissue paper in a gift bag.
      • Tie a ribbon around the meeting point of the pebbles and cellophane.

how to make crystal roses with gem garden box

Final Touch:

      • Your beautifully crafted gift is now ready to be shared.
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