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Tips for Cleaning Tile, Wood, and Vinyl Floors

This is a guide on how to take care of your tile, wood, and vinyl floors. We provide you with some tips that you can use when cleaning your floors by yourself, but if you’d rather hire a professional, feel free to contact Cleaning Company London – Helpling. They are more than happy to help you digitally and in the real world.

With Clean Image of Orlando, you can always depend on us to ensure the stains on your floor are gone for good.

Here are tips for cleaning tile, wood, and vinyl floors:

Cleaning the tile floors

Ceramic-tile floors are easy to take care of.

They can be cleaned with warm water only – just make sure to give them proper vacuuming or sweeping in order to remove the bigger pieces of dirt.

Choose a micro-fiber mop rather than the sponge mop – it will pick up more dirt.

You can pour the ingredients into a bucket to clean the tile floors with a rag or a microfiber mop.

For the really dirty grout, you might need a brush.

That’s it, really easy, right?

One of the most important things about the tile floors is keeping the grout clean – since the grout is porous, it easily absorbs dirt.

Spray the grout with a commercial grout cleaner – for deeper stains, let the cleaner sit for some 10 minutes.

Use a toothbrush or similar small scrub brush to scrub the grout.

Make sure you’re wearing gloves when operating with these types of products.

If the standard products cannot make the stains go away, mix a paste of baking soda and water.

Apply the paste to the stain – let it sit overnight, and then scrub it with a nylon brush (don’t use a metal brush as it will scratch the tile).

Put the silicone-based grout sealer for future stains and dirt prevention when the grout is dry.

gray and light gray tile floors


Cleaning the wood floors

Here is one unique tip – use tea rather than detergents.

Put two tea bags into the boiling water, and let them steep for a few minutes.

When the tea is ready, pour it into a bucket.

You should clean the wood floors with a gentle cloth, so take it and soak it just a little bit in the tea – you want the floors to dry quickly.

Wash the floors and watch them shine beautifully – due to the tannic acid in tea.

Another tip –

You can fill the scratches on your hardwood floor with just a crayon.

Rub the crayon on scratch, heat the area using a blow dryer, and buff it with some soft cloth.

There is a catch with the wood floors – simple dust mopping will not remove the dirt and grime that build up over time.

For that, you will have to use a liquid cleaner.

You can do it the commercial way – buy some wood-cleaning products and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

You can do it your own way, too – make your own cleaner, just mix one part vinegar to 10 parts warm water.

This will remove that built-up dirt and dust.

If you want a beautiful shine, you don’t have to use commercial products – you can use tea.

Boil two tea bags in water and use the liquid to wipe your wood floors with a soft cloth.

Merely damp the cloth, don’t soak it – this way, you will enable the floor to dry quickly.

wood floors with flower bouquet


Cleaning the vinyl floors

Vinyl floors are also very endurable, but they need to be taken care of too.

When spills happen, wipe them up with water as soon as you can.

This way, you will help prevent the stains. About once a week, do your vinyl floors a service – and clean them thoroughly.

The first step is the same as with the tile floors – vacuum it or use the dry mop to remove the dirt, hair, or dust.

You can do the usual way in the next step, buy some commercial vinyl floor cleaner, and mix it with water.

We recommend you try to make a simple yet, effective cleaner for your vinyl floors by mixing apple cider vinegar with water.

Pour one cup of apple cider vinegar into a gallon of hot water.

Yes, vinegar is amazing!

The acid in the vinegar will remove all the dirt but won’t leave a soapy film.

Use a damp mop to apply the solution to the floor, rinsing the mop often with clean, hot water – from another bucket or maybe your sink.

You can add some extra cleaning power – just add a few drops of your regular liquid dishwashing soap to the vinegar and water mixture.

Mop first with the soap mixture, followed by a second mop with the vinegar and water mixture.

Another unusual vinyl floor cleaner is baking soda.

You can even use it to get rid of some tough stains – like those from fruit juice, ketchup, wine, or tomato sauce.

Make a simple paste of baking soda and water, use a soft cloth or towel to rub it on the floor until the stain is gone.

Once again, use the vinegar and water solution to wipe the baking soda off your vinyl floor.

Another thing – don’t use paste wax polishes on your vinyl floor!

If you want your floor to shine, just put a few drops of baby oil into that vinegar and water cleaning solution.

This will also be a cheaper and easier way to make your vinyl floor shine.

By applying proper care to your floors, they will be clean and shiny, but you will also make sure they last as long as they can.

We hope we have helped you with this matter and are looking forward to helping you again. Till then, give your floors the attention they deserve. Cheers!


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