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Blues Clues and You! Blue’s Big Baking Show DVD

We were sent a copy of Blue’s Clues & You! Blue’s Big Baking Show in order to facilitate this review. All opinions remain our own. No other compensation was received. 

Gather the kids, put on your chef hats, and settle in for epic food fun with Nickelodeon’s Blues Clues and You! Blue’s Big Baking Show DVD!

Josh and Blue learn how to bake Bibingka* (Filipino Coconut-Rice Cake), run their own fancy restaurant called Blue’s Bistro, and help solve how Mr. Salt’s pies are disappearing more! It’s four delicious episodes that Preschoolers will love playing Blue’s Clues with Blue and her friends!

Blue’s Clues & You! Blue’s Big Baking Show is available now on DVD from Paramount Home Entertainment and Nickelodeon Home Entertainment, for the suggested retail price of $10.99.

Blue’s Clues is back and this time, Blue is a Blue puppy who loves to play games.

He leaves his paw print on objects that are clues to the puzzles he leaves for his friends to solve.

Blue Puppy leaves three clues to help solve the puzzle.

Join Josh and friends to help you find the clues.

Once you find the paw print clue, it’s time to take out the Handy-Dandy Notebook.

Josh will use a crayon to draw a picture of the clue in the Handy Dandy Notebook as everyone continues to search for clues.

Once all the clues are found, head to the Thinking Chair to use your brain, put the clues together  and figure out the meaning of each clue to solve the puzzle.

The search for clues won’t seem like work because there are singing, dancing, and interactive games like counting, learning shapes, colors, textures, and more.

While the storyline is shared Josh and Blue have the ability to Skidoo (jump into the picture, taking us to a new environment to learn new things)! 

We’ll meet up with Blue’s friends, pink puppy Magenta, Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper Shaker and Cinnamon Shaker, and an alarm clock named Tickety Tock. There is Fred and Fiona, and Mailbox that delivers emails.

Blues Clues and You! Blue's Big Baking Show DVD
Blue’s Big Baking Show Synopsis:

Blue’s Bakery is having a sweet and delicious day as Josh and Blue are baking bibingka!

From the Bakery, we take a trip to Blue’s Bistro, a very fancy restaurant.

Then, celebrate your birthday with an incredibly special birthday cake made by Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper.

Finally, play detective and try to find Mr. Salt’s missing pies, dun dun dun!

Blue’s Big Baking Show contains four episodes in one DVD!

Each episode will keep you and your child interactively singing, dancing, learning, and solving puzzles for hours!

The four episodes are:

  • Blue’s Big Baking Show
  • Welcome to Blue’s Bistro
  • It’s Your Birthday
  • Mystery of the Missing Pies

First episode Blue’s Big Baking Show:

Josh and Blue decide they are going to make a Bibingka, a cake from the Philippines that’s Josh’s Lola (Grandmother) used to make for him.

We also have a recipe for Filipino Lumpia inspired by Blue!

Josh wants to give the Bibingka they are making to someone special.

In Blue’s clues, fashion Blue is hiding the three clues to this puzzle for Josh, friends, and you to find and put in the Handy Dandy Notebook and go to the Thinking Chair to solve the puzzle.

There is plenty of singing, dancing, and counting in this episode.

Who is the special person that Josh wants to give the Bibingka to?

You will have to watch and join in to help solve this puzzle. 

Second episode, Welcome to Blue’s Bistro 

Josh is opening the new fancy restaurant, the Bistro!

Josh is the waiter.

He is taking Blue and Magenta’s dining order.

Blue has decided what he wants to eat will be the puzzle that will have to be solved.

Blue goes to work, leaving clues for Josh, friends, and you to find to solve the puzzle.

There is singing, dancing, and learning shapes, sizes, and textures in This episode.

Watch this episode to solve the puzzle of what Blue wants to eat at the Bistro.

Get ready for some fun!!

The third episode, It’s Your Birthday!

In this episode, Blue leaves clues for Josh, friends, and you for a dance he wants everyone to do at Your Birthday Party!

It’s a celebration with singing, dancing, a birthday card, a piñata and lots of games to play.

Let’s watch so you can help solve the puzzle to Blue’s dance he wants everyone to do at Your Birthday Party!

The fourth episode, Mystery of the Missing Pies

Blue leaves clues for Josh, friends, and you to solve the puzzle to Mr. Salt’s missing pies.

Mr. Salt has moved each pie from the table to the window sill, and each time he does, when he goes to get another pie to set on the
table, the one he just moved to the window sill is gone!

Where are the pies going?

Josh, Mr. Salt, Blue, friends, and you will try to figure out which of the friends were in the kitchen last that may have taken the pies.

You will be given pictures of the last friends in the kitchen to help solve this puzzle.

There is lots of singing, dancing with gophers, and detective work in this episode.

Grab your Handy Dandy Notebook and crayon.

Find your Thinking Chair and get ready to help solve this puzzle!!

It will be fun for everyone!


Blue’s Big Baking Show DVD will keep your child interacting, singing, dancing, and solving puzzles for a few hours. It’s tons of fun for a rainy day, a snowy day, or just a day to take a break and solve some puzzles with Blue, Josh, and friends.

Blue’s Clues & You is the park of Nickelodeon’s

Find a Bibingka recipe on NY Times Cooking.

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