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A Guide in Choosing The Best Maternity Bras for New Mommies

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Did you just start your pregnancy and is beginning to notice changes in your body, specifically your breasts? If this is your first pregnancy, you may have no idea at all how to choose a maternity bra. It may not as simple as you think it is. Since you are likely to feel uncomfortable for nine months as the human inside starts to grow, it is vital to pick a maternity bra that would help with comfort and support. Below is a basic guide on how you can find the best maternity bra for you.

Find the best maternity bra.

Comfortable maternity bras are a necessity. As your pregnancy progresses, one of the significant changes you can immediately notice is your breasts’ enlargement. By this time, your regular bras would no longer make the cut. It is advisable that during the end of your first trimester, start purchasing maternity bras.

Factors to consider when choosing a maternity bra

Do not expect that shopping for maternity bras would be like a walk in the park. There are many factors to consider to ensure that you end up with a bra that you feel good using and are comfortable wearing.


When finding the size for your maternity bra, measure your cup and band way before visiting a store. You can also ask for help from a professional bra-fitter. Expect that your bra size will continue to change as your breasts grow, especially after giving birth, so you may need to repurchase large sizes in the future.


The primary key to a good maternity bra is comfort. As your body changes during early pregnancy and right after your baby comes, you can expect sensitivity and soreness, particularly in your breasts. Plus, you are already feeling unbearable all over, so you might want to keep your body comfortable even with your bra.

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Coverage and Support

Make sure that the cups cover your entire breasts. This way, they will not be popping out of your bra, and it will also help with support. Although underwires also provide support, they are generally inadvisable for pregnant women.


If you prioritize convenience, you can find maternity bras with cups that can be unclipped to turn them into nursing bras. 


A maternity bra that lasts long and does not easily tear is good.


Of course, you want a maternity bra that is not overpriced. Designate a budget that you are willing to spend on bras — consider them as an investment. 


You want your bra to be made of a comfortable material. Cotton maternity bras are the most common ones. There are now also cotton materials blended with spandex that can stretch as your breasts grow to provide better coverage. 

Finding the perfect maternity bra for you can be a tedious process, so make sure your purchase when you still have the extra energy. There are thousands of shops that offer maternity bras and other pregnancy-related items, so you may have a hard time comparing and looking for the best one. If you want to purchase right now, you can find a comfy maternity bra here.

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