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Pregnancy Changes That Can Occur

You just found out you’re pregnant. There’s a lot to be excited about, including these pregnancy changes that can occur that may affect your body. 

Life is a growth process from childhood, teenage, adulthood, and elderly age.

The growth process marks changes that occur in your body and mind and the experiences in your life.

When you get to adulthood, the need to parent a child increases in most people, leading to getting a child.

The processes that occur when you get pregnant change.

You will experience changes that mark your maturity from a single adult to a parent that a child depends on for its growth.

Observing other people’s experiences is one way of learning what to expect in the future, but so is reading.

How pregnancy changes the body during pregnancy may affect you mentally if you had not anticipated such significant changes.

However, it should not alarm you that changes will occur since most mothers bounce back and adjust to the new changes.

Dr. Daniel Roshan understands women’s fertility and reproductive health and can help you adjust to your latest changes and other health complications related to your reproductive health.

pregnant woman in brown sweater with hands making heart on belly

Changes in Shoe Size

When a woman becomes pregnant, they carry a human being inside themselves which increases their body weight.

The weight does not come from the child only but also includes the mother adding more weight to accommodate the child’s nutritional needs.

The extra weight added puts pressure on the body, with the feet bearing the most weight.

The additional weight flattens the feet and increases your shoe size by at least half an inch per

According to, a hormone known as relaxin is produced to relax ligaments to make the pelvic area elastic in preparation for childbirth.

However, the hormone also relaxes other ligaments, such as the feet ligaments, that increase the shoe size.

woman with one tennis show on putting on high heel on other foot

Increase in Weight

Todays Parent, says the natural physic of a woman changes every time she delivers a child.

When you give birth, you add more weight by about 13 pounds from your average weight.

When you have more than one child, you have a child each time you add more weight.

This should not alarm you since you can physically exercise to adjust your body weight after childbirth and lose postpartum weight.

feet with red toenails on scale

Vagina Size

The process of pregnancy includes giving birth to a child through your vagina.

The vagina becomes elastic to allow the baby to go through the vagina without causing harm.

The childbirth process expands your vagina, which contracts after some time.

However, it does not regain its standard size and may become more extensive.

You can engage in specific exercises that may try and return your vagina to its average size.

pregnant woman in black crop top and shorts holding belly


You may have difficulty controlling urination, but it does not affect many women.

The process of giving birth expands your pelvic area which may stretch some of the muscles around to their limits.

It includes the bladder muscles that may lose elasticity and lead to incontinence, shares WebMD.

It may also damage the bladder nerves that communicate with the brain when to urinate.

When you lose the nerves and no communication occurs to the mind, you may find yourself urinating without your will.

The condition may be embarrassing, but it is not untreatable.

You can go for a Kegel exercise that helps to return the elasticity.

Congratulations on expecting. 

We hope these pregnancy changes during pregnancy help you better prepare and feel confident about your beautiful journey.

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