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Beka Panwok

Panwok Review
Most nights, I am in the kitchen alone. Some nights I become a short-order cook and take requests, but the interaction stops there. Our kitchen cranks out Mexican meals, the American Classic–hamburgers, and sometimes, like the night we received the Beka pan wok, we take an Oriental adventure with our taste buds.
The Beka pan wok looks incredibly similar to my Calphalon cookware. I love when things just work out in aesthetics. I opted for stir fry fajitas on the burner, ready to cook—the panwok heated fast. The meat sizzle didn’t draw my family’s attention, so I chopped some onions, green peppers, and garlic.
My husband came in, and suddenly the pan was a battle. For starters, it’s eleven inches made of aluminum, an excellent conductor of heat, which distributes the heat uniformly, allowing temperatures to be easily controlled. This means he doesn’t have to repeat that lecture about never turning the stove higher than medium! He touched it, moved I,t and used it even more than that! 

The Bakelite handle is coated so there’s no need for a hot pad here. Then there’s the has a Bekadur Essential Eco-Logic non-stick coating with a full two-year guarantee and his favorite part, the asymmetrical rim. It has steeply sloped sides with a vertical lip higher on the side opposite the pan’s handle. My husband’s lifelong dream has been to flip food with just a flick of his wrist like those Iron Chefs. He repeatedly sent the meat and vegetables in the air and caught them with the pan. It was impressive (though I should mention here he is no Tony Flay)!

It was so fun that our rival flipped the food; next, no one took any pictures. We were also disappointed when the food was done as we had to put the pan away. We were impressed at how green the bell peppers still were after cooking. It was beautiful.
Consider Beka Panwok for:
Stir-fry: fry finely-chopped food rapidly (1 to 2 minutes) over a high flame, stirring continuously from the floor outwards. Meat and vegetables can be cooked separately and then reheated together in the wok and mixed with a sauce.
They are braising: cook the food in a sauce, covered and at low heat. Stir frequently so that pieces of food do not settle on the bottom.
Deep-frying: cook food coated in batter in cooking oil. Cooking time will depend on the size of the pieces of food. Once the batter has turned a golden color, remove the food from the oil and drain it on kitchen paper.

 Clean-up was a cinch. The pan just wiped clean! No elbow grease workout to ruin a good meal here.

 We have since used the BEKA pan wok for sweet and sour chicken and also to cook eggs. All with spectacular results.
I am surprised by how little oil or fat is required. The pan prevents sticking (though I have never left it unattended). 
For more information about the full line of woks or any other items from Beka’s extensive line of gourmet cookware, please visit their website at

Like all Beka cookware, its woks are built to last using the highest quality materials and the latest in high-tech Belgium design techniques. All Beka cookware is designed to enhance the cooking process and save energy with materials and construction that diffuse and store heat for even, fast cooking.

About Beka:
Founded in1899, Beka combines over 100 years of engineering excellence with a young and ambitious spirit. This experience and determination have given birth to the brand new Eco-Logic cookware utilizing high-tech Bekadur non-stick coatings to promote healthier lifestyles and a safer environment. Using quality materials and the latest in advanced manufacturing processes, Beka creates products that are built to last while setting new standards in the cookware industry. For more information, please visit the website at

I received a panwok in order to facilitate an honest review. The opinions, where expressed, are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others’ experiences may vary.

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