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MyPurMist Creates a Breath of Fresh Air


MyPurMist has been in use for nearly a month at our house. We have discovered it makes the transition from Cold Season to Allergy Season a breath of fresh air…literally.


What is MyPurMist?


MyPurMist is a safe and effective OTC (Over-The-Counter) product that uses a new technology for directing warm humidification to naturally relieve sinus symptoms associated with colds, flu, allergies, congestion and dry air. At the heart of MyPurMist is Capillary Force Vaporizer (CFV) technology, previously only found in hospital humidification systems, which instantly vaporizes water in a self-contained area about the size of a quarter. The result is a safe, portable and germ-free vapor which provides directed humidification for sinus therapy.
The directed humidification (vapor) of MyPurMist brings warmth into the sinuses which thin mucus and makes breathing easier. The moisture in the mist helps to relieve symptoms by soothing irritated tissues in the nose and the mouth, calming coughs and reducing dryness.
MyPurMist is effective for you and your children (over the age of 2) and because it disinfects (99.9999% germ-free) and has no risk of scalding, you and your children can safely use MyPurMist. Pediatricians and doctors use MyPurMist to help their own children who are suffering from sinus symptoms associated with colds, flu, congestion and dry air.
As with the first time using anything, there is reading and experimenting. We didn’t have distilled water (which is required) so a special trip to the store for that and then assembling the personal humidifier. The issue with assembly had more to do with my fear of breaking it than it being complicated. To attach the mask (the kit comes with an adult and child mask) it requires it be inserted at an angle and then “snapped” into place. I grew up in a house where we were reprimanded for forcing things so I was apprehensive when it required some strength. Each time has become far easier as I understand what happens and that it can take some pressure to secure it.
mypurmistThe Divine Miss M is always the first to have allergies strike and she drew the card to be the guinea pig. No one really knew what to expect. We set the heating element to the lowest setting with the instructions that she could adjust it to her liking. (She prefers it three up from the bottom).
My children love it. In fact, when I told them they just had to try it
for 5 minutes they kept asking for more time. Within three minutes she said her eyes were feeling better (they didn’t itch).
When her time was up she begged it still to be her turn.
Then, after cleaning the mask per instructions, Li’l Man was up. He’s my brutally honest kiddo. He also loved it. He’s a busy body and wanted to know if we could “get one without a cord so I can move around”.
In the beginning, we tucked the MyPurMist away, but the relief it provides prompted us to put it within easy reach for everyone. It has been used in the morning before school, at night before bed and during the afternoon when it’s quiet time.

Li’l Man and MyPurMist

Li’l Man has since revised his initial wish to have one without a cord so he can move around to wanting to attach it to his body so he can stay outside all day. He says the cord keeps him “locked down”.

My husband is not a fan of the water needing to be distilled. “It’s not something everyone has on hand”. I do think it is a drawback, however, since we have experienced such relief with MyPurMist, we now just keep a gallon hand at all times as it uses very little water for each session.
My eight-year-old would like it to mist “vapor”…as in Vick’s. She thinks this would be an added bonus and give more rapid relief of colds and sinus congestion. She would also like it where you can “lay down and use it, but not have to hold the machine”.

We love the machine.

I think MyPurMist‘s biggest con is that it has the cord. Without a cord we’d be taking it camping, to the park, on walks and while we are out and about in the car. It’s never predetermined when allergies will strike and it would be great to know that MyPurMist was there ready to assist!

It’s greatest pro: it works quickly, is natural and doesn’t require a long-term commitment or subject the body to “medicine”.

I received MyPurMist in order to facilitate an honest review. No other compensation was received. The opinions  where expressed are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Other experience may vary.
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