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7 Board Games for Your First Apartment Party

As a party host, you want everything to be perfect.

Especially if it’s the first party in your new apartment, you’ll want everything from the food to the entertainment to be just right.

So how do you break the ice and ensure no awkward silences?

You bring out the board games, of course!

Many people have left their board games in the closet for the past few decades to collect dust.

They seemed to become obsolete when Playstation and Xbox took over.

But now, many folks are tired of staring at screens and want to socialize the old-fashioned way.

That means board games are coming back into style!

You’ll find various nostalgic and contemporary games in your local department store.

But with so many choices, how do you find the perfect game for your party?

Well, we can help. With one or two (or all) of these games, your apartment party is sure to be a success!


7 Board Games for Your First Apartment Party

1. Telestrations

Telestrations is a family-friendly game that’s fun for adults, too.

It’s a combined version of the classic games Pictionary and Telephone.

Four to six people can participate.

Basically, everyone receives a word and has a short amount of time to illustrate it.

They then pass their sketch off to the next player without letting anyone know their word.

That player attempts to guess the word that goes with the drawing and adds to the sketch.

This cycle repeats until everyone has their own sketchbook back.

Then, they look at all the guesses and see what their original drawing has morphed into!

You don’t have to be an artist to play. It’s a lot more fun if you aren’t!

2. Taboo

The original version of Taboo came out in 1989 and instantly became a massive hit.

You can find the new version in multiple formats at social gatherings worldwide.

There’s even an app for it!

The game’s objective is to give your partner clues to match the word on your card.

You have a time limit and forbidden (or taboo) words you are not allowed to use to help them.

If your partner can’t guess the word before the clock stops, the other team gets to try.

It’s a short game, so you can use it as a quick icebreaker if you’d like.

And if you’d prefer to play longer, you can expand it for the duration of the party!

3. Pandemic Board Game

Whether your guests are board game aficionados or beginners, Pandemic is a fun game for everyone.

Since the game is built on the idea of cooperation, playing it automatically prevents awkward tension.

This game has multiple versions, each with a different narrative.

In the classic original, the narrative is that the world is in danger, and players must work together to save it.

This is a great game for your first apartment party because it requires logic and problem-solving skills.

Therefore, you and your guests will be too busy thinking about worrying about social anxiety!

playing board games

4. Trivial Pursuit

Decades of players have enjoyed Trivial Pursuit.

Similar to the TV show Jeopardy!, this game tests your knowledge about various topics from science to movies.

First created in 1979, the initial game included mostly questions about the 70s.

Since then, however, it’s evolved into many different versions, each focused on a different era or topic.

Some newer versions include questions solely about:

  • Horror movies
  • Harry Potter
  • Classic rock
  • Marvel movies
  • James Bond

If you and your guests share a common interest, picking up a Trivial Pursuit game related to that topic might be fun.

And if you really want to test your guest’s intelligence, there’s always the Master Edition!

5. Jenga

Games like Jenga are the solution when you don’t want to involve critical thinking in your party.

In this game, players have to remove blocks from the tower without making it topple over.

The game’s object is to keep the tower growing taller, but the fun happens when the last critical piece is removed.

When the blocks crumble, build it up again and start over!

It’s a lot of fun and easy to play while chatting.


6. Small World

Small World is an excellent choice when you have a group of guests who enjoy fantasy games a la Dungeons and Dragons.

Completely at odds with the sweet song of our childhood, this Small World is not full of smiling, happy dolls holding hands and dancing.

Instead, players must strategize to keep their own civilizations from declining.

At the same time, their goal is to prevent other players from taking over the board.

Two to five players can join the quest, which takes 40 to 80 minutes to complete.

7. Sorry!

Sorry! It has been a classic since it was introduced in the United Kingdom during the 1900s.

Hasbro acquired it not long after and has been a staple in homes ever since.

Up to four players can join in the board game.

Players take turns drawing cards that tell them where to move their pawns, with the object being to get all of your pawns around the entire board.

And if you land where someone else’s pawn is, they have to return to the beginning. Sorry, not sorry!

This simple and fast-paced game requires no critical thinking, making it a great activity for parties.

board game pieces


A good board game can totally make your apartment party.

They can break the ice, relieve the awkward tension, and maybe even bring out everyone’s competitive streak.

So, whether you’re hanging out with old friends or having your new neighbors over, these seven board games are perfect for your get-together! (5BestThings)

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