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Board Game Night: How to Best the Rest of the Family

A family is a unit consisting of people who are connected in ways beyond description.

This group of people live together, eat together, play together, and even occasionally fight.

They are fond of one another and usually will do almost anything to help one another.

When families play together, fun is usually the most important thing, but there is nothing wrong with wanting to be the boss of the game as winning does feel good.

According to the Spruce, the best board games are a few of what families play together because it’s perfect no matter the age or position of players in the family.

But for those who love to win, how do you best the rest of the family on board game night without spoiling the fun?

Grandparents and grandchildren playing a board game

Board Game Night: How to Best the Rest of the Family

Focus on the game

Since you are playing with family members, you are more likely to be carried away with other things.

Lack of attention or a short period of not paying attention is one of the main reasons you have not been winning as much as you would like.

If you want to be the boss at board games in your family, you need to start paying attention, especially when you are making your move and the moves made by your opponent.

Take Scrabble, for example.

If you focus, you can plan for your next turn and may even predict other players’ possible plays.

If you’ve been dealt with difficult tiles, you can cheat your way out by using a word unscrambler online.

You can use this great unscramblix resource to find out uncommon words you can play with the difficult letters you have, and no one will be wiser.

Not only do you get more points for playing hard letters, but you get to learn new words that you can use again for the next board game night.

family playing game with dice on wooden floor

Balance winning and fun

As much as the main reason family play games are often for fun, playing to win does not necessarily make you a jerk.

You are not trying to prove a point; you want more wins.

The desire to win is what drives you to play harder, but don’t forget that it is a game, and if you happen to lose, be a good sport and try your best again in the next round.

Don’t tone it down

We often don’t play as we would when playing with family members.

But, if there is an opportunity to win in the first three moves, then take it.

This will teach them that you are not one to mess with, and they should up their game to defeat you, making them more challenging adversaries as well.

Play with different people

Playing the same games with the same people can stall your learning because their styles may be monotonous.

Playing with different people gives you something to think about, and you get better.

monopoly battleship playing piece close up on board

Be versatile

If you want to come out on top of family game nights, learn to play as many board games as possible.

Even bring out new ones to the table every now and then.

You’re already at an advantage if you have learned the rules beforehand.

Change play

People normally have a style of play that leaves us predictable.

Once in a while, do not play as you normally would.

This will surprise your opponent and raise your chances of winning.

It also keeps others guessing about the way you might choose to play.

children playing board game

Learn from people better than you

In becoming very good at anything, we learn from people, whether consciously or unconsciously.

We have to be deliberate about learning from people you know are better than us.

This may be one or two family members at a particular time, but you get better and can defeat them soon as you learn from them.

chutes and ladders board game night with cookies for snacks

Adaptability and flexibility

We talked about having game strategies earlier.

It is very good but will not sometimes work, perhaps because your opponent’s play is a match or he/she guessed right about how you will play, and they play to stifle you.

How quickly you can shake things up determines whether you will be the boss.

The points above will surely bring you more wins and position you at the top regarding board games within your family.

There are tons of ways to win any game, but knowing every rule and practice is always necessary.

Also, never forget the purpose of the game, which is to bond and, at the same time, have fun with the whole family during board game night.

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