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10 Reasons to Head to Kings Dominion #KDFirstTimer

My family loves to get away to a place just outside Richmond. A place where the scenery is beautiful, the laughter fills the air, and there is enough adventure for thrill-seekers of all ages. Discover Kings Dominion, and it might just be your escape from the hustle and bustle of life’s daily routine.

We have been three times this year and cannot believe that we are still discovering many new things at Kings Dominion.

10 reasons to head to kings dominion Collage

I’ve compiled a list of 10 Reasons to Head to Kings Dominion:

  1. The Moon Tree
  2. Dinosaurs Alive!
  3. Soak City
  4. Delirium
  5. Eiffel Tower
  6. Lights throughout the Park at Night
  7. Themed Festivals
  8. Camping (RV, Tent, or Cabin)
  9. Planet Snoopy
  10. Rollercoasters

Now that I’ve shared my list tell you why we love them.

The Moon Tree that Orbited the Moon 34 Times.

It’s not every day you can introduce your children to a part of your childhood. When NASA was in its prime, we gathered around the television to watch a space launch. Kings Dominion has a moon tree. A tree that grew from a seed that orbited the moon 34 times before being planted in Earth’s soil. It’s our first stop on every visit. My kiddos insist on hugging it!

Kings dominion moon tree

Dinosaurs Alive!

Dinosaurs Alive features over 40 life-sized animatronic dinosaurs, which are scientifically accurate based on the latest paleontological knowledge. The Canadian-based company created these fascinating specimens, Dinosaurs Unearthed. Launched in 2005, Dinosaurs Unearthed is an innovative traveling exhibition company that creates dynamic, multi-sensory experiences about the fascinating world of dinosaur discovery.

It is an additional cost outside of admission to the park, but you’ll want to go when you see the dinosaurs that seem too natural throughout the park.

kings dominion dinosaurs alive

Soak City

Kings Dominion is the only amusement park in Virginia that offers dual admission. You can ride a few rides, cool off at Soak City, and then repeat. Admission to Soak City is included in your Kings Dominion admission and features waterslides, wave pools, a lazy river, and so much more to soak up the fun!

kings dominion soak city lazy river


This is Kings Dominion’s new ride for 2016. My kiddos love this ride. It is a fast-paced ride that will have you defying gravity. It might just be one of the most powerful pendulums on the planet!

kings dominion delirium

Eiffel Tower

Kings Dominion features a 1/3 to scale replica of the Eiffel Tower. I can’t take Miss M to Paris for her Parisian dream, but she loves the adventure at Kings Dominion. You can even ride an elevator to the top for stunning views of the park and surrounding areas.
kings dominion eiffel tower 13 scale

Lights Throughout the Park at Night

Our favorite time to be in the park is at night. The park lights up with color. The park, especially by the Eiffel Tower is illuminated with colorful lights that change with the music. It is absolutely beautiful, and one of our favorite things to do is just walk around enjoying the mesmerizing light display.
kings dominion eiffel tower at night

Themed Festivals

Kings Dominion hosts some amazing festivals. We ate our way through four countries under the Eiffel Tower, enjoyed a Memorial Day Celebration, and watched fireworks for the Fourth of July. More events are coming to Kings Dominion that you won’t want to miss.
we are our way through 4 countries under the eiffel tower Collage


Kings Dominion is a bit of a drive from Martinsville, and we always like to spend the night to stay at the park late, catch the lights and relax. Our favorite place to stay in the deluxe cabins at Kings Dominion‘s Camp Wilderness.
My kiddos call it a “tiny house,” and it truly is the perfect accommodation. We have learned to book in advance; there was no availability for the Fourth of July weekend. It’s a well-maintained campground with friendly space and plenty of space!
kings dominion deluxe cabins

Planet Snoopy

Join Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Linus, and Lucy as you experience Planet Snoopy! It’s the Kings Dominion kids area that my kiddos feel they grew up too soon as they’re too tall for many of the PEANUTS-themed rides and attractions for every age, including roller coasters. We still enjoy the live shows, gift shop, and meet-and-greet opportunities with our favorite pals from PEANUTS TV shows and comic strips.
kings dominion planet snoopy


Some of the best thrills the world has to offer are at Kings Dominion.   Speed junkies can get their fix on Intimidator 305 – one of the East Coast’s tallest, fastest, and most thrilling roller coasters. There’s also Dominator, Grizzly, Anaconda, Volcano, Drop Tower, Rebel Yell. The thrills never seem to end at Kings Dominion!
Kings Dominion Intimidator 305 Collage
No matter what you choose to do at Kings Dominion or what it takes to get you there, a great time and wonderful memories await!
We received Kings Dominion tickets in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own. #KDFirstTimer
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