Review: O Cedar Pro Mist Mop

O-Cedar Pro Mist Mop Review

The Mop that Revolutionizes Clean

Keeping up with a houseful of kiddos is tough. My floors take the brunt of the destruction. Muddy footprints scatter across the foyer and cereal, Koolaid and a Hodge-podge of refreshments are tracked through the kitchen in the wake of helping themselves. We’ve nurtured the fads of traditional mops, but in the end, our budget doesn’t allow the expense that accompanies their need for replacement pads or mops specific cleaner. Recently I was given the opportunity to try O’Cedar’s Pro Mist Mop, and I’m hooked!

Immediately, I loved this mop. It allows me to fill the included bottle with my concoction of floor cleaner. Often I just want a quick spritz of water, while other times I need something more determined to cut through the calamity! O’Cedar Pro Mist allows me my options! It isn’t complicated to release, fill and replace the bottle. It takes little effort and even less time!

My children like this mop…a LOT! I find they have used it to attempt a spill catastrophe cleanup. I see them pull it out without being asked because they like the trigger spray and how easily it glides across the floor. It’s also easy for them to remove the pad and toss it into the laundry so Mom can do her thing.

The O’Cedar Pro Mist Mop has a delightful swivel so I can gracefully enter the nooks and crannies of my kitchen without missing a beat! I love its flexibility!

When the task is complete, the microfiber pad cleans up nicely in the washing machine, and the refillable bottle comes clean on the top rack of my dishwasher. I love being able to clean up the cleaning tools!

This mop is ultralight, and the handle is the perfect length to accommodate all my cleaning needs from linolium floors to the walls it’s easy peasy! I love the spray feature and the ability to customize!

The microfiber pad is plush and clings to dirt! I was impressed by how much it picked up and there was no push around the pile. It does what it should! It also tackles dry messes with ease! Velcro holds the pad in place securely. My husband also removed the pad and used it to clean his truck. I was not happy, but he said it worked like a champ!

Included is a second microfiber pad: a semi-disposable pad that can be washed or tossed—great for messy spills!

This, by far, is our favorite mop. It is versatile, and it works!

From the O’Cedar Pro Mist Mop Press Release:

The ProMist includes two types of reusable microfiber pads: a durable pad which can be washed up to 100 times and a semi-disposable pad that can be washed or tossed—great for messy spills! The mop has a refillable bottle that allows users the choice to use their favorite cleaning solution or water only. The benefits are that:

* It offers a thorough, convenient clean every time.
*The reusable microfiber pads lift and trap dirt and grime. Since they are reusable, it helps save money and is more eco-friendly.
*It is safer for moms and pet owners to clean due to the refillable bottle—choose your own cleaner!

You can buy the O-Cedar ProMist™ Wet or Dry Floor Cleaning System at retailers nationwide including Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens and more!

My squirt trigger stopped working, and in all honesty, I think money is better spent on the O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop and Bucket System. It has held up much better for me than the O-Cedar Pro Mist Mop. Registered & Protected
I received the O-Cedar Pro Mist Mop to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. The opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experience may vary.


  1. says

    I loved the convenience of the mop, but the trigger broke. I tried to repair it, but I have one piece that fell out when I took it apart and for the life of me I can’t figure where it goes. Is there a diagram of how it’s assembled?

    • says

      My mop stopped working. The trigger seems to be the first thing to go. My mop is long gone and has been replaced by several others through the years. I am so sorry I am not much help!

  2. Lorrie M says

    I agree this is a great mop, when it works. I have had the same trigger problem. After four mops in less than a year, I finally contacted O’Cedar. They told me the unit wasn’t desinged to be left with unused water in it (which robs some of the convenience if used dail, and to use only 1 tsp of detergent. They told me to removed the bottle unit, rinse, and let dry for 24 hours. I am doing this now, but I don;t have much confidence in this solution. I think I will try the Libman next time.

  3. Terry McA says

    yet another disappointed customer – loved it until the trigger handle went flaccid on me – it’s now in the trash and I’m back with Swiffer

  4. Patrick Grimaud says

    Ugh! Great concept and works great- when it works. But like so many other replies here, the trigger on mine stopped working after 5-6 times. Too bad. This is my 4th mop in a few months. I would have expected O Cedar to get this one right.

  5. Jamie says

    I loved this mop and after a month it just stopped working. The trigger spray didn’t want to work. Is there a way to fix it?
    Has anybody tried the reveal mop by rubbermaide?

  6. Anonymous says

    I agree with the last person. DO NOT buy this mop. I had the same problem.

  7. Anonymous says

    DO NOT purchase this mop. The trigger handle broke after 5 or 6 uses. I love the concept, but this is a piece of junk.

  8. Erica Gonzalez says

    Totally agree my handle stopped spraying in less than 2weeks so my fiancé took it apart for me and all the inside is plastic and he told me it was broken so I took it back to HEB and they replaced it.. With my new mop I used it for a while and when I went to refill the bottle I noticed the spray didn't want to function the same anymore so I find myself just using another hand spray bottle and the one it has attached is only for decoration!! great mop if it worked like it's suppose to but really sucks since it doesn't!! So unhappy

  9. Yvonne says

    I was very happy with my pro mist mop until I used it and the spray handle broke so it doesn't spray the liquid onto the floor, I called the company and I was asked a lot of questions and told to soak the mop in water for a day and then when I called back and told them the same thing that there is something wrong with the cable in the handle I was told to take it back to Walmart and have it replaced. If O Cedar will not stand behing their warranty why will they for Walmart I have only had my pro mist for a little over a month. I am VERY UNHAPPY WITH MY MOP. I would not recommend this mop because the company will not back it. It is a good mop if it works, but it should work longer than a month. Another thing I would have to make a 40 plus mile trip one way to go to Walmart and with the price of gas, I just feel the company should back there product if they want to sell them on the market.

  10. Stacy says

    Thanks for the review! I was considering buying one of these to replace the Wet Jet that I'm rather unhappy with and wasn't sure if this similar product was worth the money. It sounds like O'Cedar has fixed the issues I had with the Wet Jet. Thanks again!!