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Spin and Go Touchless Mop Review

I was sent the product for this Spin & Go Touchless Cleaning System review. No other compensation was received. The opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others’ experiences may vary.

No More Sop Stories 

When I was little, something in my grandma’s closet scared the bejeezus out of me. The fear manifested itself one day when I was asked to “fetch the mop.” Inside the closet, I found the bucket and mop and brought them into the kitchen for her. I peered down inside the bucket and at the end of the handle was a gray, cotton yarn mop head that had entangled leaves and hair. Then grandma announced I was the “mopper,” and as I listened to explain the process, including I was going to have to TOUCH the mop head, I could have fainted right then and there. As an adult, it was clear, my mission was to find a mop that would clean, and I wouldn’t have to touch!

spin and go mop system

The Spin and Go Touchless Cleaning System

Through the 22 years of being the matriarch of my own castle, I’ve tried numerous mops. Some have held the water only long enough to reach the floor and then created massive puddles that required more effort cleaning up than the floor! Others have impressed me only for me discover there was great cost in keeping them going. There was never a moment when anything like that mop beast that dwelled in grandma’s closet found its way into my home….until now. The Spin Mop and Go Touchless Cleaning System arrived about two weeks ago.

Allow me to confess that I was ready to run when I took it out of the box and saw the white dangles. My children were putting it on their head as hair (okay, I could deal with this, after all, it just came out of the box). With a deep breath, I took one for the team and touched it. It turns out Spin and Go has replaced those nasty cotton strings with soft microfiber ones!

The Spin and Go Touchless Cleaning System includes a sturdy bucket with a basket spinner and a small microfiber mop head. Assembly is easy peasy as the mop head simply snaps on and off the handle, making replacement a cinch!

The bucket is sturdy, and I love the teal color. Inside, it is marked with a “do not fill above this line” mark, so you know the limits. There’s plenty of room for water, whether your job is large or small, the water level works! The best part of the bucket is the “salad spinner” feature. Once the mop has been dipped in the bucket, it’s a basket that holds the mop in place. From here, just gently press the handle down while you press the foot pedal. The basket spins the water out of the microfiber tassels, and then it’s get set mop!

Mopping is a Chore No More!

The mop head is, as I mentioned, soft. It works well at eliminating the evidence that mud, Kool-Aid, grease, and a large family don’t necessarily cohabit well together. After two weeks of use, the microfibers are still white and still doing a commendable job cleaning!

It did take some practice to figure out how many foot pedal presses yielded the best results. Three works best in my kitchen, while five is necessary for the bathroom. Don’t worry; your children will love helping with this experiment. I still have to trip over the kiddos to get the mop as they LOVE the foot pedal and the magic of the spin basket! 

I really love that the mop head is thin enough that it can slide beneath the refrigerator and oven door, eliminating the chore of hands and knees cleaning for me. It spins gently along the floorboards getting those microfibers up close and personal with the dirt.

There are two things I dislike about the mop, though they are not deal-breakers. The first one is that the microfibers will fold under the plastic circular part of the mop head from time to time. I worry about it scratching more delicate floors, but it is immediately noticeable when it occurs, so it can be adjusted without really any effort. The second thing I don’t like is that this mop is in no way intended to wash walls, something I do at least three times a week. It was too difficult to manipulate up the wall. My husband says I’m the only person on the planet that washes walls, so it’s probably only my concern!

If nothing else, this cleaning system won’t have you dreading the chore of mopping. It’s a fun interaction and is easy to manipulate across the floor, and cleans well. 


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