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Top 8 Women’s Wallet Styles

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Wallets are not created equal and are not so simple to buy. Below we will look at the top 8 women’s wallet styles.

Red leather women wallet, roses and high shoes on pink background

The Clutch

The clutch is a wallet and small purse at the same time. You can carry money as well as other items such as lip balm, lipstick, keys. Used for every day or the more upscale ones work well for glittering occasions.

The Wristlet

A small wallet a wristlet that can be put in your purse or pocket used for a hands-free outing. It features a loop on the end that lets you slide it over your wrist to carry as well. It can hold all your wallet essentials, even your keys keeping everything organized and tidy.

The Bi-fold Wallet

Probably the most well-known type of wallet. It folds in half hosting two sections. One inside long slot for dollar bills and the other for credit cards, driver’s license etcetera. Not the best option if you have a lot of cards this might not be the best style to get. They are meant to fit nicely in your back pockets and purses.

The Tri-Fold Wallet

Bigger than the bi-fold wallet these feature a 3-fold with more compartments for cards with some on the inside and outside. Yet it is still compact meant to fit comfortably in your pack pocket or purse.

The Continental Wallet

Also going by the name large or long wallet this wallet is targeted to be able to hold your checkbook money, credit cards, ID’s passport, even change. They make a great alternative if a travel wallet is not your thing.

The Money Clip

To even the playing field women have a money clip option too. These are significant for the woman on the go who does not want anything bulky to get in her way. It stores your cards and cash, and it’s compact to fit in your pocket, and they come in stylish styles.

The RFID Wallet

Crafted with a unique inner lining these wallets protect the radio frequency identification chips (RFID) that are contained in your credit or debit cards from unauthorized scans by potential identity thieves.

The Wallet on a String

I am certain you’ve seen these and thought there were just small purses, but no they are a wallet on a string. It’s basically a wallet attached to a long strap or chain that you can drape across your body. Therefore, allowing you to be hands-free, yet hold more of the items that you might require when you’re going out.

Have some wallets perked your interest? There are many shops online to view products to find the right wallet style and color for you.

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