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Hollywood Style: How to Look Like a Celebrity Every Day

You see celebrities everywhere. On tv, billboards, on social media. Wouldn’t you like to know how to look like a celeb every single day?

Channel your inner celebrity by dressing like your Hollywood favorite. You may even start acting like them too.

Keep reading for our tips and tricks on how you can look like a celebrity every day.

Channel your inner celebrity by dressing like your Hollywood favorite. Keep reading for our tips and tricks on how you can look like a celebrity every day

Hollywood Style: How to Look Like a Celeb Every Day

Designer Quality Clothes

A great way to look like a celebrity each and every day is to buy clothes that are either designer or look like a designer. You probably don’t have the same bank account as a celebrity but buying and wearing clothes that look like a famous designer made them will make you stand out.

Wear Sunglasses

One thing celebrities have in common is walking around with sunglasses. The Cut says they can be giant and oversized, or they may be the tiny sunglasses that are now in fashion with famous celebrities. Regardless, walking around in a pair of fashionable sunglasses will make you feel like a celebrity.

Carry a Designer Bag

The best way to look like a celebrity is by carrying around a designer bag. You may be spending a pretty penny on a new designer purse, but you will get more use out of a bag than an article of clothing.

Saint Laurent designs beautiful and unique bags that will make you look like a rich and famous celebrity, reports Carrying around this accessory will have everyone asking where you got it from.

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Take Care of Yourself

If you know one thing about celebrities, they always take care of their bodies. Whether it is working out or what they eat, celebrities are strict.

You can work out like your favorite celebrity to really start looking like a celebrity yourself, suggests Vogue. Another great thing to do is check out your diet compared to a celebrity diet. If you start eating like a celebrity, you will feel more like a celebrity.

Pearly White Smile

When you look at a celebrity, you may first notice their pearly white smile. They also have very straight and perfect teeth. To look like a celebrity, you must take care of your smile.

Make sure you’re going to the dentist at least twice a year. You also can schedule an appointment with a cosmetic dentist that can straighten or whiten your teeth so you have that perfect celebrity smile.

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Perfect Your Skincare Routine

Celebrities look good with or without makeup, so you will want to ensure your skin glows.

You may need to research how to perfect your daily skincare routine and make it just like a celebrity, says

Your skin is important, and you will need products that work for you.

How to Look like a Celebrity

So when it comes to how to look like a celeb, it is easy. Just follow our tips on taking care of your body inside and out while also buying a few designer items.

Looking like a celebrity can be fun and make you feel more confident.

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