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4 Ways To Prepare for Getting a Horse

While bringing home any new animal significantly demands one’s time and resources, getting a horse as a pet is especially challenging. Horses require more space and different types of care than smaller animals do. Consider a few things you can do to prepare for your new companion.

1. Plan Ahead for Medical Needs 

Like many pets, your horse will likely need to see a veterinarian occasionally. These visits may be for reasons as simple as getting a vaccination or as concerning as treating a hurt leg. Because veterinary expenses can accumulate quickly, you may want to look into the best horse insurance companies says Ark Agency. Some of these providers may be able to provide various types of insurance plans in addition to medical coverage.

2. Set Aside Sufficient Space

If you don’t already have a horse stable, you must think about where your horse will stay. If you have a lot of open land on your property, you could consider fencing in an area and building a new stable. If you choose to go in this direction, be sure to confirm that horses are allowed where you live. Alternatively, many people pay to keep their horses in larger stables run and managed by someone else.

Girl in plaid shirt feeding Brown Horse by the fence


3. Establish a Routine

Once you bring your horse home, try to develop a regular rhythm of exercising and caring for him or her. This routine may include providing food, going for a ride, and cleaning hooves reminds the University of Missouri. Remember that large animals require more nutrients and more time to stretch their legs, so you may have to adjust your current schedule to properly care for your horse.

4. Read Up on Care Tips

A final tip to remember is that horses may have some unique needs you aren’t aware of. These may include cleaning hooves, caring for teeth, getting adequate exercise, and providing the proper nutrients and supplements. Books and online resources may be a good place to start to familiarize yourself with the care horses require. In addition, you may wish to seek out the help of a trainer or other expert.

Though owning a horse is no small responsibility, you can rise to the challenge with the proper preparation. By planning for your horse’s medical, nutritional, and exercise needs, you can form a close bond with him or her in no time.

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