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Why Most Women Wear the Wrong Bra Size

It is estimated that anywhere from 75-85% of women wear the wrong size brassiere. This number may seem astronomical, especially to many women readers who feel that they are currently wearing the correct size of undergarments. But the odds are that you are amongst the majority of women who are suffering the effects of an ill-fitting bra. But how is this possible? Here are just a few of the common reasons why millions of women are mistakenly sporting the wrong size when it comes to their underwear.

Here are just a few of the common reasons why millions of women are mistakenly sporting the wrong size when it comes to their underwear.

Common Reasons Women Sport the Wrong Bra Size

For starters, brassieres are meant to conform to the shape of your body.

But every woman comes in her own particular shape and size, and the standards for bra sizing simply may not match everybody’s exact measurements.

This is a common complaint, especially amongst women who do not have a “normal” size (smaller or larger than the regular range of sizes carried by most stores).

And many women are asymmetrical, having one breast that is slightly (or significantly) larger than the other.

This is more common than you might expect, although the difference may be so negligible as to escape notice.

Moreover, some types of bras may fit a woman better than others because of their chest volume and preferred comfort level.

Teenagers and women with a smaller frame need less support than large-breasted women, so the support and definition offered by full-cup, padded, or bustier bras might not be of best use.

For maximum comfort, bralettes for women are more comfortable and casual for everyday wear.

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After all, finding the perfect bra isn’t just about following the accurate measurements of your chest because it can vary a lot.

It also helps to look at other important features, such as the actual fit, support, material used, fabric type, breast definition, and the user’s wearing habits.

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Body Changes:

Then, of course, there is the little problem that most of us face at one time or another: our bodies change.

For some women, this revolves around weight gain or loss, while others are dealing with the physical transformations associated with pregnancy and childbirth.

However, nothing so radical has to take place for your bra size to be off, says Healthline.

Many women will notice slight changes in size every month as they work through the menstrual cycle.

And as you age, you will undoubtedly notice differences in the size and appearance of your breasts, requiring a variety of bras at various stages of your life.

However, while at the heart of the issue, bodily transformations are not the main reason most women are wearing ill-fitting bras. 

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Bra Fittings:

In truth, the problem is that so few women realize they need to go in for regular bra fittings.

Any time you buy a new bra, you should have a fitting.

Even if it only confirms the size you thought you were, it’s worth taking a couple of minutes to make sure before you blow beaucoup bucks on new undergarments.

Most women also forget to take a closer look at the bra’s band, which is sometimes why a bra won’t fit properly, despite the proper cup measurements.

Try wearing one of your bras and see if you can insert a finger in the band with only a little extra stretch.

The band should neither feel loose nor tight.

Underwired bras tend to dig onto your breast and back if the band is too tight, thus restricting your breathing and blood circulation.

On the other hand, loose bands may look comfortable at first glance, but they offer very minimal support, particularly for fuller breasts.

As we all know, brassieres are not cheap, which is why many women hang onto the ones they’ve got even when they no longer fit properly.

In addition to bodily changes, most women fail to realize that bras wear out just like any other garment.

With proper handling, they may last several years, but eventually, the elastic will degrade, and they will lose the ability to support you and provide the comfort you crave.

Woman with small underwear bra cup and measurement tape

Final Words

The trick in this “click here” culture of instant gratification is to take the time to do your homework and ensure that you start with the best possible fit, as well as options to extend the life of these pricey undergarments.

To pinpoint your size with a fitting; consider going in a couple of times during the month to see if you should opt for more than one size in your closet and get brassieres that can be made tighter over time (you should start on the last hook closure so that you can move your way in as the elastic begins to stretch).

These tips and tricks will ensure that you always have the right size bra to complement your figure.

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