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How I Gained Weight Last Week

This morning I was on the phone and mentioned that I had gained several pounds in the course of a week. The friend on the other end said, “How exactly does that happen?”

Hmmm….seriously? Here is EXACTLY how it happened to me…

You must tuck the children in for a nap.

you must tuck the children in for a nap
All tucked in…
 This is important because otherwise, you have to hide in the closet…I’m not big on sharing.
Next, remember we are suppose to “read labels” for a healthier lifestyle.
I’ve provided “Label Reading for Dummies” here, just in case you’re new to this….
Nutrition Facts
 Okay, with that out of the way, you can now scoop the ice cream into your bowl. Last week I was a fan of Ben and Jerry’s.
It only looks like I used my hands
 Dig in and eat…I know we’ve been working on savoring at our house, but there is always the exception…
When you’re done, so you don’t leave any “clues” about your Secret Indulgence, you’ll need to remember to clean up after yourself….
no shame in licking the bowl
It’s true…when it comes to me and my ice cream…shame goes out the window
 Repeat Steps 1-4 several times a day throughout the week.
There you have it…EXACTLY how I gained weight last week….
And because my gut and butt can’t take on anymore Ben and Jerry’s without requiring a crane to move me…I’m now making my own ice cream! You gotta try my lime and mandarin ice cream!
Your turn? How did you gain weight last week?
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