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What You Should Know Before Buying A New Mattress

Most people know when it is time to start buying a new mattress.

By the time a mattress is nine or ten years old, it has already passed its comfort level for a good night’s sleep.

In addition to the growing awareness of daily back and neck pain, the mattress quality itself may have deteriorated and shows signs of sagging and lumping.

It may also cause noticeable skin itching and emit odors.

It may also cause noticeable skin itching and emit odors.

What You Should Know Before Buying a New Mattress

With the obvious signs, you need a new mattress and learn more about buying a mattress. (ReadWrite)

For example, few mattress buyers know how to see beyond a mattress store’s sales pitch.

Make sure the store you choose to buy your mattress from is reliable and more intent on selling you the right mattress for your particular needs than making a sale. This is known as “showrooming.”

It is also important to note that many manufacturers and stores re-label mattresses so they can sell a lower quality mattress at a higher brand name price.

Compare Before You Buy

Buying a new mattress is similar to buying a new car.

New car buyers compare prices.

New mattress buyers should too.

Many tools exist online to help you ask the right questions. (Consumer Reports)

For example, shop around mattress showrooms and make a mental note of the prices of high-quality brands.

Then, shop online for the same brand mattress and compare prices.

This is a great practice for many other types of purchases.

Then, shop online for the same brand mattress and compare prices.

Don’t Forget Your Sleep Habits

The new mattress you shop for should be compatible with your sleeping habits (MDAnderson).

For instance, if you are a light sleeper who needs only six hours of sleep but you are also a very restless sleeper, keep this in mind about mattress firmness.

If you sleep eight or more hours and tend to stay in one place while you sleep, you need to consider a new mattress that is firmer yet comfortable.

legs and feet hanging over mattress while buying mattress

Know Your Mattress Priorities

A restful, relaxing night’s sleep is a top priority when you buy a new mattress.

However, other priorities include:

. Mattress quality

. Brand name

. Level of firmness

. Mattress store return policy

. Price range

. Delivery terms

. Removal of the old mattress

Additional Priorities to Consider Before Buying

Mattress quality is related to a buyer’s evaluation of the reliability and reputation of the store, manufacturer, and brand name.

Many buyers make the mistake of assuming if they buy a brand name mattress, there is little else to consider other than the level of firmness and mattress size.

However, knowing the mattress store’s return policy is also necessary should you find a defect.

Note that most mattress stores will allow only exchange and not a full return credit.

Price vs. Brand Name

The price you are willing to pay for a new mattress should be based on the mattress meeting all your specifications before buying.

High-end brand name mattresses prices are not necessarily a guarantee of quality or satisfaction.

Ask if there is a satisfaction guarantee in place and the duration of the terms.

red stamped "free delivery"

Check Delivery Terms

Check on delivery terms if your old mattress is in dire shape.

You may need your new mattress on an expedited basis, which may add to the cost.

If not, you will still need to know the delivery terms and whether there is an additional charge for out of area deliveries.

Some stores add extra mileage delivery charges to the total mattress cost.

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