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What Size French Press Should I Get?

If you’re looking for a traditional way to brew coffee, then the French press is the perfect appliance. It has a simple look, but it’s capable of brewing the most delicious cup of Joe. It also comes in a considerable assortment to suit the varying needs of coffee lovers. So, what should you look for when picking a French press?  What size French Press Should I get?

Today, we’ll go over the different sizes that French presses come in and a few other recommendations.

This way, you’ll finally have one that fits right into your lifestyle.

French press coffee maker on white background with reflection


The Main Components of a French Press

Being new to the French press, you would wonder what parts are responsible for creating that delicious cup of coffee.

While every component has a specific role in the coffee-making process, it’s the three major parts that you would want to look into more before picking a specific press: the carafe, lid, and plunger.

1. Carafe

This major part is responsible for holding the water and coffee. It also has a spout from which you can pour out these liquids.

Your current French press options come in carafes made of plastic, stainless steel, or tempered glass.

Of course, each of these materials has advantages and disadvantages.

For instance, plastic won’t be the best for brewing coffee, but it won’t break easily.

Then, we have stainless steel, which is both durable and great for brewing but doesn’t allow you to see what’s going on with your coffee.

Lastly, there’s tempered glass, which looks amazing and doesn’t interfere with brewing but is pretty fragile and may break easily.

2. Plunger

Moving on, we have the plunger.

This part has three subparts, namely the plunger, handle, and filter.

The handle is what you push down on so that the filter pushes the coffee grounds toward the bottom of the carafe.

When inspecting the plunger, always pay particular attention to the filter.

If the filter’s sides are plastic, that tells you they’ll eventually break down over time.

A few months of placing your press in the dishwasher will damage the plastic edges, causing the grounds to slip right through and into your coffee.

Metal sides won’t suffer the same fate, so they’ll pretty much last for years unless they become bent.

3. Top or Handle

The last basic French press piece is the top, and it comes with some slight variations.

Handles on French presses can vary depending on the price of the appliance.

Those on the lower price range will typically have tops that don’t block the heat from escaping the spout during the brewing process.

On the other hand, the more expensive presses will have guards that prevent heat from coming out through that gap.

Nonetheless, tops are what you twist to clear the passage through the spout of any barrier.

carafe of french press pouring coffee into white cup


French Press Sizes

There’s a variety of sizes and measurements for every brand of the French press.

Although a few companies may sell smaller- or larger-than-the-average French presses, for the most part, the sizes will usually be the same.

Here are the common sizes you can choose from:

35 liters (Three cups)

5 liters (Four cups)

1 liter (Eight cups)

5 liters (12 cups)

Besides choosing a quality press, you should select a model that addresses your specific coffee needs and looks great in your kitchen.

Consider the amount of coffee you usually consume and the fact that companies might measure cups that are smaller than the mug you typically drink from.

In most cases, cups are counted as four ounces and not eight.

small french press carafe pouring coffee into small glass mugs



French Press Go-To Brands

As you peruse through your French press options, you’ll notice that these brands will stand out more than the others:


This French press has a modern and edgy vibe going for it that many coffee lovers just can’t resist.

Plus, Gorshe pledged to provide five days worth of drinking water for every press sold.

How’s that for a good cause?


An up-and-comer in the French press world, Frieling holds a lot of promise with its streamlined design and awesome insulation.

The company also allows you to pick from five different sizes.


The pioneer creators of the double-screened French press, SterlingPro is definitely a brand that coffee lovers will be drawn to instantly.


One of this company’s most popular models earned the title of best French coffee maker in 2004.

That alone speaks for itself.

What Size Should You Pick?

According to Coffee Break Essentials, quality, size, and aesthetics are the primary considerations for selecting a French press coffee maker.

You have to make sure your French press looks awesome in your kitchen, brews great coffee, and brews just enough coffee to meet your daily coffee requirements.

This way, you’ll have a press that impresses in looks, function, and practicality.

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