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Weigh In Wednesday

Whittling Away My Waist

Ah! Wintertime.

Sedentary stupidity on my part.

Last week, on that getaway, to celebrate my birthday, I packed away the sweatshirt and frumpiness and unveiled some skin.

A whole lot more skin than I had at the end of fall.

Flabby skin that just hangs and hovers in places skin should not be.

Truth be told, nearly twelve pounds more flubber than I had even in January.

Normally, I would ask here, how did this happen; however, I’ve already shared with you How I Gained Weight.

I’m not going to lie; I enjoyed every moment of it.

Though at the time, I didn’t realize my body was taking the slogan of Rogaine, “Stop Losing and Start Gaining” so seriously.

I’ll spare you the pictures.

I’ve struggled with my weight for two and a half decades.

I’ve been a size seven, which was difficult for me to maintain.

I’m comfortable as a size nine, but…sigh…haven’t been that in 21 years.

Two years ago, I joined Weight Watchers and dropped fifty pounds.

I felt good. I was still short of my goal when I stopped because I was really, really sick with some mutant flu.

When I was back to feeling well, I never got back into the routine.


Pathetic excuses that have converted to flabby fruitions around my waist.

Spring is here, and I’m back on track.

I’m following the Weight Watchers Point System, where I found success.

I’m not paying for the services.

I chose the points over the Weight Watchers Core System because while on the Core you can eat as much as you want (of certain foods), I also realize that if I could stop eating whenever I wanted, I certainly wouldn’t be in the predicament I am currently! So points it is!

Instead, I’m using FAT SECRET.

It’s an online website that enables you to choose your program of choice (South Beach, Atkins, Weight Watchers, etc.) and logs your food, weigh-in, and be part of a community.

If you’d like to join me, feel free to friend jonbonjovious on FAT SECRET, and we can make a change for the better together!

Note: I’m not being compensated in any way for this post, or by your joining. I’m merely sharing with you a great find and inviting you to join me in better health.

My first short term goal is fifteen pounds.

I am hoping to be there tomorrow but realistically have marked my calendar for June 2.

Every week I am committing to posting about my journey from Wednesday to Wednesday.

I’m determined to transform.

Hold me accountable.

Join me at any time!


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