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Vitamin Supplement Challenge Part II

How Does Your Vitamin Supplement Stack Up?

(Show and Tell)
Feeling run down? That’s me most days.  I’ve been neglectful of taking my vitamin supplement, and I’m ashamed to admit my eating habits are *sigh* not the best.

You’ll remember Kim from The Leppers Blog did a fun article on the hype around vitamins. It has a lot of really useful information on how effective your vitamin is and what you should take for a variety of issues…I’m checking it out again to combat my chronic exhaustion.

Are all vitamin supplements created equal?

I did the experiment by mixing equal parts of vinegar and water and soaking my vitamins.


First, I experimented with Centrum (my standard vitamin), AND then I also had a jar of Nature Valley vitamins that WAS my regular until I read that I was supposed to be taking TWO per day…oops.

The vitamin challenge vitamin supplements
Here we are at the start…Centrum to the left, and Nature Valley is on the right.
The vitamin challenge
At one minute, we had some action…the Nature Valley was really getting bubbly!
The vitamin challenge
I’m not certain how I feel at this point. The Centrum is going slowly, but the water is only murky.
The Nature Valley is off the charts frothing, and the water is like Alien Green!
The vitamin challenge
The Centrum really isn’t showing much change. It’s hovering in one spot, and the water is still murky.
Holy Moly! The Natures Valley is taking over the jar! It’s a bubbling monster, and that water might just be GLOWING!
The vitamin challenge
Centrum: 30-minutes!
The test complete here is what the glass with the Centrum looks like.
It’s pretty compact. The particles aren’t doing anything in particular–just resting.
The water is darker around the vitamin, but the edge of the glass has clear water.
The vitamin challenge
30 Minutes–Natures Valley
The vitamin supplement is really spread out. It’s bubbling quite actively.
The water concerns me as it is REALLY green!
So which vitamin do I think is working best for me?
Well, I can tell you that Nature’s Valley upset my stomach. This is why when I read it required TWO supplements today, and I switched to Centrum. Maybe my stomach doesn’t welcome Alien technology?!
At this point, I was feeling kinda down and out about my Centrum. I was wondering if it just sat in one place in my stomach and then was all flushed away. I decided that switching back to Natures Valley would be in my immediate future.
And then…
Then…it was time to put the fun away and clean up the experiment.
As I was dumping out the jars–the Centrum one just went smoothly down the drain.
The Natures Valley? I’m so glad you asked!

THIS is what came out of the Natures Valley Jar!!!

The vitamin challenge
The top is what the vitamin supplement looks like, brand spanking outta the jar!
The bottom is what was left of the vitamin after 30-minutes in the vinegar/water mixture.
No wonder my stomach was always upset when I was taking Natures Valley!
I’d be upset, too if I was dealing with a bubbling, alien green, non-digestive mass too!
I’d love to see how Vitamin D supplements and other vitamins on the market dissolve in this challenge.
Okay…so how did YOUR experiment turn out?
I *REALLY* wanna know…

Put your Vitamin Supplement to the test!


This post was written by:
.Julee Morrison is a quirky, dorky North Carolina Transplant with an appetite to taste the world, meet its desserts, and blog about them. When she’s not behind the computer, you can find her playing with her family, reading a good book, being a Bon Jovi fangirl, celebrating the little things, and keeping her chronic exhaustion at bay with a vitamin supplement.

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