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Bon Jovi Makes Right with Allison Scott

Jon Bon Jovi is THE Man!
It’s true. You know it. I LOVE Jon Bon Jovi. I think he spans generations, composes some amazing ballads and let’s face it, the man is serious eye candy.
With so much media attention to the naughty, less than appealing examples of celebrities, I couldn’t resist sharing a heart-warming true story about the man Jon Bon Jovi truly is that I found in  Minneapolis’ Star Tribune
A radio station in St. Paul recently held a contest for a fan to open for Bon Jovi.
I can’t sing, but Allison Scott can and she was notified that she had won the contest.

Then the radio station notified Allison Scott that she hadn’t won. There was an error in the tallying.

Seriously? Yup. I’m not even kidding.

Allison Scott did an interview

Allison Scott took the news like a champion. Allison Scott’s facebook fans did not.
A writer for the Star Tribune, heard Scott perform at the United Way’s “Best of Awards.” He wrote an article about her, without Bon Jovi. It captured her grace in being told the biggest opportunity of her life was counted wrong.

Jon Bon Jovi heard about this error and has made this write. Tonight, in front of Bon Jovi’s fans at the “X” in St. Paul, Allison Scott will open for the band that has held my heart for nearly 26-years.

It’s true. I read it on the official Bon Jovi Blog.

Now THAT is what makes a Rock STAR shine and it’s what makes me love the man, Jon Bon Jovi!

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