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Visit Biltmore and Save with Groupon

I had no idea growing up who the Vanderbilts were. Then we moved to North Carolina and, on a holiday field trip toured the Biltmore Estate.

Oh, my goodness!

The largest privately owned home in America is exquisite. I marveled at the size. I was in awe that this large home was invisible until you were almost directly in front of it.


During the holidays, it is a splendid vision of celebration. Garlands, trees, ornaments galore!

I remember visiting Grandma Fran and being so excited to share my field trip to Biltmore with her. She listened and then shared she had grown up with the Henry Ford family and often played with the Vanderbilt child, in the Halloween room!

It would be decades later that I took my children to this magical house with my mother, sister, nieces, and nephew.

the biltmore house

Adding to our love for Biltmore, we’ve been reading the Serafina series by Robert Beatty. It takes place at the Biltmore. It’s so much fun reading about a place you’ve visited, where you can truly imagine yourself as the character!


Take advantage of the great Groupon Offers for Biltmore if your summer, fall, or holiday plans include the mountains of North Carolina.

It’s an incredible experience. It’s like time traveling back in time and experiencing a life that, even by today’s standards, is exquisite!

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