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Best Types Of Coffee To Drink Before Your First Date

If you’re searching for a recipe for a perfect date, you won’t find one. And that’s because we’ve all got our version of a “perfect date” that differs from one another.

Some people love the idea of walking around in the fresh air and talking about things like movies, politics, or even trees. Others prefer to drink the best coffee before they meet their first date.

However, regardless of the coffee, you take or the venue, the general goal of the date is to have a meaningful connection. And hopefully, you get to meet each other again.

Now, even though you can achieve other goals in a relationship with booze, coffee can often do the same thing. You don’t have to like it; you just have to stand it for a while. Here are the best types of coffee to consider before your first date suggested by

Selection of Different Coffee Type

Different Versions of Black Coffee To Choose From

There are several ways to make black coffee, even though it’s just a mixture of coffee and water, without milk. Each version has a unique taste that makes it remarkable for specific events. Let’s go through the most popular types.


Espresso emanates from Italy, and it’s hugely popular there.

The coffee is made by pressuring steam through grounded beans.

In the final product, you get a thick beverage with creamy foam on it.

The coffee is highly caffeinated per thickness and unit.

So it’s usually used as a base for other coffee drinks such as Americano.


Iced Caffe Americano is an Italian term meaning American coffee.

It’s a primary base for Americano, as said earlier.

It’s made by diluting an espresso shot in hot water.

Pro tip: if you’re making Americano yourself, pour the espresso first before adding water.

Instant Coffee

Instant coffee is one of the simplest coffees to make in the world.

What you need to do is mix the desired amount of hot water in coffee powder.

Instant coffee mainly is not that awesome and might ruin your first date.

However, you can use it for unique drinks like whipped coffee.

Regardless, it has a long lifespan compared to the other types of coffee.

Long Black

You can find different coffees everywhere you go.

But if you want a coffee that gives you a bolder taste than American, long black is the right choice, says

You can make it by pouring two espresso or ristretto shots over small water, and that will improve the taste.


Ristretto is an espresso shot made like standard espresso.

The difference, however, is that Ristretto contains half the amount of water.

So what you get is a strong shot of espresso with a different taste.

coffee machine preparing cup of esrpesso coffee.

Different Types of Milk-Based Coffee

Most people prefer black coffee drinks, but adding milk can give you a unique fragrance that can make your day.

Let’s go through the different kinds of coffee drinks.


Cappuccino contains milk and espresso, but there are two different types available.

First, the low acid coffee comprises one-third of steamed milk, one-third of foamed milk, and one-third of espresso.

You can serve the drink iced or hot.

If you like, you can serve it with cream instead of milk.


Latte is a bit different from cappuccino because it contains lots of milk.

Cappuccino maintains the stronger flavor of espresso.

Most people think flat white is a latte, but that’s a common mistake.

Flat white has considerably fewer bubbles or foamed milk.

Flat White

Flat white is a famous milk-based coffee with espresso and little steamed milk.

However, the espresso’s flavor overcomes the aroma, with the milk acting as a supplementary taste.


Macchiato is a beverage with a strong coffee shot with little milk.

It began in Italy, and the word “macchiato” means “mark” or “stain.”

So you can assume that the macchiato is a shot of espresso with little milk.

But, depending on where you’re in the world, you may get something a bit different.

Latte Macchiato

Latte macchiato refers to a glass of milk that is “stained” when you add espresso on top.

It requires the same ingredients used in caffe latte.

However, the preparation and serving are pretty different.

An excellent example of latte macchiato is a tall glass where you can see the layers of the milk under the glass, espresso placed at the middle, and foam on top. 

Woman holding a glass of latte macchiato

Types of Iced And Cold Coffees

Iced coffee is an excellent balance of delightful beverages with a pleasing fragrance.

You have two ways to prepare iced coffee.

The first is to make it cold, giving it a different flavor.

The second way is to brew it hot and cool it with cold milk or ice.

You can even use ice cream if you want.

Try this Dunkin’ Iced Coffee Copycat.

Cold Brew Coffee

It’s simple for you to make cold brew coffee.

All you have to do is combine ground coffee with cold water, then you stir.

Afterward, you strain to take away the remaining coffee.

What you do after is to serve how you like it.

If you love coffees with low caffeine content, cold brew is the right option.

Japanese Iced Coffee

There’s a unique way of making Japanese iced coffee.

What you do is use hot water to brew it and immediately pour the drink over ice.

When the coffee gets in touch with the ice, it’ll release aromas that generally take several hours to produce.

Nitro Coffee

Nitro coffee is one of the unique coffee beverages you’ll ever drink.

It’s creamy and has a beer-like taste, mainly because it’s typically served in a beer keg.

In addition, the coffee’s thickness is because of the coffee’s infused nitrogen.

cold brew coffee in a glass bottle

Final Thoughts

Coffee makes you smarter on a date.

We don’t mean superhuman smart, but smarter than drinks such as alcohol.

Furthermore, you become stress-free to go about your date, unlike picnic dates to prepare food and beverages, including getting a picnic blanket.

So get any of the types of coffee listed below before you go out on a date.

You’ll not be disappointed.

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