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The Tuneables Review

When my oldest was three I taught him a song he loved in Primary. We practiced all day and when his dad came home he was eager to sing it for him. I am tone-deaf, which makes a train wreck when singing. Regrettably, my son learned the song as if he were tone-deaf and when his dad tried to help him with the “tune” my son replied, “That’s not how it goes, Daddy!”

Thankfully, there is hope for my younger children with The Tuneables. Geared for children ages 3-8, this DVD teaches children through interaction the basics of kinesthetic response, verbal association, and aural perception. The two-disc CD set, (includes a video and music CD) has characters that my children adore.

It’s easy to learn as it’s divided into four units: rhythm, music repertoire, voice flexibility, and tonality.  I love that they can follow along, participate and repeat. The Tuneables is organized to help children hear and sing different tonal patterns, appreciate music, and expand the range of their voices.

The characters are delightful with a boy and girl, Annie and Max, attending their first music lesson. A music box captures their attention at the music store and the magic begins. Each character is a musical instrument, which I found to be clever. We all have our favorites, mine is Gloria the piano, while The Divine Miss M loves Clara the Clarinet, The Beauty Queen appreciates Mo the Violin, and Li’l Man is enjoying Pete the Trumpet.

There is a wealth of information in The Tuneables with its focus on music and the components of tonal, rhythm, repertoire, each represented by a different character. My kiddos are learning the 18 different songs without really feeling like they are learning anything more than just the words.

The Tuneable is part of Music Intelligence Project (MIP). Promoting the best approach to music education for children. Combining the talent of musicians, researchers, educators, and creative professionals to develop and design the best products available for educating young children in music. MIP has years of proven techniques, materials, insights and teaching experience as well as recent advances in understanding brain development and function of music learning.


The Tuneables website is a great extension of the fun. Children can sign up and be  “tunies” and receive special offers! There are free coloring pages, information, and tips to teach kids all about the music!

*I received The Tuneables via Team Mom in order to facilitate an honest review. The opinions, where expressed are my own, and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.
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