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Two and a Half Men: Desperate and Destitute

Remember being young, just out on your own and trying to balance that grown up world that you weren’t quite ready to embark? I remember being in my young twenties and promising my child we would go to Disney World. We saved for months. We ate Ramen Noodles and lived off the land as much as possible. Finally the time had arrived and I packed everything up for our three day weekend getaway.

The car was loaded, the kiddo was over the moon to be going to “Mickey’s house” and then we found a critical error in our checkbook. If we went to Disney World we wouldn’t have enough money to cover rent. We wanted to be responsible, but we also had this child to whom we didn’t want to break our promise. It was a pickle to be certain. After some serious deliberation we opted to go to Disney World.

When we initially arrived, we were really stressed. I remember standing in front of the castle and my husband saying, “We’re here. Let’s make the most of it. We’ll figure the rest out when we get home.”

We had a wonderful time and when we got home, we were creative. We took on more cakes than we ever had, worked overtime whenever it was available and utilized the “minimum due” on every bill we had that month. In the end, it all came together, but it was a destitute and desperate situation we never wanted to be in again. Robbing Peter to pay Paul isn’t wise.

In Season 8, Episode 11, of Two and a Half Men, Alan can’t afford a birthday gift for Lyndsey. He tries to raise money by offering massages at the mall but blows his earnings on a pearl necklace made of mints. Alan considers dipping into Jake’s college fund but resorts to stealing a pair of earrings from Judith and has to think quickly to hide Lyndsey’s new earrings when both show up at the same restaurant. Have you ever gone overboard with a birthday or general gift for someone special? Have you ever gotten yourself into destitute & desperate situations like Alan from Two and a Half Men? You have to see how out-of-control things get on the Eighth Season of Two and a Half Men, available here!

Two and a Half Men: The Complete Eighth Season…

*“I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote Two and a Half Men Season Eight on DVD.”
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