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Top Tow Behind Sprayer Reviews for Consumer 2021

Do misting pesticides and fertilizers take lots of your precious time?

Are you looking for an automated sprayer that takes less time and quickly covers a large landscape?

Then a tow-behind sprayer is a righteous option for you. Its large tank can store a minimum of 12 and a maximum of hundred gallons of chemical, saving the time of refill.

The spray nozzle comes with or without a boom that helps in broad and stream spraying, respectively. All its features bring ease to your life and make your lawn greener. 

After reading these tow behind sprayer reviews on Growing Herbs for Beginners, you will be able to choose the best tow-behind sprayer by differentiating the pros and cons of different models.

man spraying lawn with tow behind sprayer

Tow-behind sprayer reviews 2021

Master Manufacturing Tow-Behind Sprayer-15 Gallon Review

15-gallon tank capacity makes the master manufacturing tow-behind sprayer ideal for a landscaper. It can be used for applying insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, disinfectants, and water over a 1-acre lawn.

The 15 feet hose helps in wide spraying. The lid is 5 inches wide which helps in the easy filling. It gives the feature of spot spraying up to 20 feet horizontally and 18 feet vertically. You can also switch to broadcast spraying.


  • Budget-friendly
  • 15 feet wide rubber hose
  • UV resistant tank wall
  • Spot as well as broadcast spraying


  • Little pressure may be lost when extending the hose to a high limit.

Fimco 40-Gallon Tow-behind Sprayer Review

Fimco tow-behind trailer is perfect for forested land usage. This has a capacity of 40 gallons best for farmers and estate managers. The characteristic feature of the fimco pull-behind sprayer is the three hitch points.

The nozzle is adjustable and has a hose length of 25 feet vertically and 35 feet horizontally. The tank is made of polyethylene material, so the tank material does not react with the chemical. The spray nozzle tip is composed of brass that assures its durability.

The fimco 3-point hitch sprayer can be mounted with ATV and other lawn tractors. ATV sprayer is of the largest capacity among all the reviewed tow-behind sprayers.


  • 40 Gallon capacity
  • Adjustable nozzle tip of brass
  • Large spray wand 35ft reachability
  • 3 point hitch
  • Polyethylene tank wall
  • 60 PSI powerful pump


  • Few accessory parts are missing that might make it more user-friendly.

Agri-Fab 45-0292 Pull-Behind Sprayer Review

The tank wall is polyethylene-based and has a steel frame making it a durable pull-behind sprayer. The tank’s capacity is 15 gallons, enough for 1.5 acres of garden. The tank is transparent, so you can see the level and avoid spillage of chemicals.  

The universal hitch of Agri-fab fits with any lawn tractor and helps in easy towing. The boom nozzle spray gives the coverage of 7 feet so that the large tree can be covered easily using this sprayer.

As per the Agri-fab tow behind sprayer reviews, this tool takes less than one and half hours to cover a 1-acre yard.


  • Transparent poly tank
  • 7 feet wide coverage
  • Mounted with any lawn tractor
  • 5 inches cap helps in easy filling


  • Expensive

NorthStar Tow-Behind Trailer Broadcast and Spot Sprayer Review

This tow-behind sprayer review includes another large-capacity sprayer. Its 21-gallon space gives the coverage of large farmyards and forested land. The commercial-grade pump is so powerful it provides 70 PSI, and its microswitch increases its efficiency.

It works perfectly well in the rough terrain due to its steel cart. The tank material is a corrosive chemical, and UV resistance shows compatibility with all pesticides. Broadcast and spot spraying gives the facility of spread and stream spraying.


  • Large capacity tank
  • Powerful pump
  • Chemical resistant polymer tank
  • 12 inches pneumatic tires
  • Retractable tow bar


  • Gage and sprayer are made of light-duty plastic.

Brinly ST-152BH Tow-Behind Garden Sprayer Review

Brinly tow behind sprayer is a perfect model for a 1-acre sizable estate. The hard-duty chemical-resistant tank with powder coating makes it usable for fertilizer, herbicides, and insecticide spraying.

Its dual filtration system extends its life and efficiency. The tire is 10 inches, so it does not go flat and moves freely on uneven terrain.


  • Compatible with fertilizers and other chemicals
  • 10 inches tire
  • 70 feet wide coverage
  • Collapsible boom for easy spraying in narrow areas
  • Universal hitch


  • Assembly takes time


Depending on the compatibility with the requirement, you can select among these best pull-behind sprayers.

Our top pick for a 1-acre garden or farmland is Agri-fab tow behind the sprayer. Its vast area coverage, easy filling, draining system, and universal hitch make it user-friendly, but it is expensive.

If you have a large land to cover or an estate manager, then Fimco and NorthStar tow-behind trailers will best meet your requirement. You can check the complete features of the five best models in the above tow-behind sprayer review.

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