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Top 5 Benefits of Martial Arts Training for Kids

Many parents these days enroll their kids in a slew of activities in an attempt to make them well-rounded individuals, or perhaps just to see what sticks.

But rather than putting your kids through a new sport every few months or rounds of language, music, and art lessons that they end up rejecting, you might want to consider how your children can benefit from martial arts training.

You might think that this sport is all about fighting and violence, but nothing could be further from the truth.

And frankly, a contact sport like football is far more likely to result in violence and injury.

Your kids can benefit immensely from joining a martial arts class and sticking with the sport, and depending on the martial art you select, combat and competition may never enter the picture.

Top 5 Benefits of Martial Arts Training for Kids Mommy's Memorandum


Here are just a few of the benefits your kids will enjoy when they start learning martial arts.

Physical fitness.

Since martial arts are mainly a physical pursuit, it’s no wonder that they provide kids with the exercise needed to stay healthy and fit.

If you’ve found yourself lamenting that you practically have to pry your kids off the couch and away from their electronic devices and toss them out the door, enrolling them in martial arts could help ensure that they get the activity they need to stay healthy and fit.


The practice involved in martial arts can offer kids more than cardio and muscle toning; they will undergo the repetition that builds muscle memory, which will allow them to defend themselves in cases of attack.

While you might not think it’s very likely that your children will find themselves in such situations, wouldn’t you rather they be prepared to defend themselves and get away in the unlikely event of an attack?

Everyone should learn some measure of self-defense in their lifetime as a precautionary measure, and entering your kids in martial arts can help to ensure that they never become victims of violence.


No doubt, kids have a lot of energy, but that doesn’t mean you have to let them run wild.

If you’re looking for a way to instill a measure of discipline and self-control in your children, the practice and tenets of martial arts can make a real difference in their lives.

They must learn to control their minds and bodies as part of the practice, and this can influence other activities they undertake and benefit them throughout their lives.


When kids advance through martial arts, they will begin to see themselves as strong and capable individuals who can set and reach goals.

And this confidence can only help them in other areas of their lives.


When you decide on martial arts for kids, you’ll find that in addition to mental and physical benefits, your kids also enjoy a social aspect of the activity.

Often, they’ll be enrolled in classes with kids of different ages, dependent on skill level.

Eventually, they will learn and spar together and even instruct other kids.

And this can provide them with positive social interactions with their peers and teach them how to behave compassionately and responsibly.

When you sign your kids up for classes with a reputable dojo like City of Champions, you’ll see how much they gain from the practice of martial arts.

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