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Tips for Getting Your Kids Ready to Go Back to School

As of yesterday, the countdown for back to school has officially begun as red Xs are being crisscrossed on the calendar. School starts in just 20 days, and I can only wonder where summer has gone. It seems a blur of bickering and enthusiastic outings.

Here are the tips I can offer for getting the kiddos ready for back to school:

Thanks to Jonas Bros. LA, we’ve extended bedtime to hours that make my eyes burn.

It’s no secret that kiddos need their rest, so my first tip:

1.) Implement a reasonable bedtime and stick to your guns.

At our house, we’re shaving 15-30 minutes off the Summer Schedule until we land back at our School Bed Time Schedule.

The gradual reduction makes it much easier and helps with the “It’s Still a Sunny Day” outside argument.

Sure the first day of school is wonderful and exciting, but what about the other 179 days?

We need a purpose to fulfill to keep our interest and creativity flowing.

2.) Make a Back to School Vision Board.

This gives children something to work towards.

It serves as a record of where they were and what they’ve achieved.

Besides, it is fun to spend an afternoon sharing and learning about your child.

3.) Dedicate some time to establishing a schedule your child will follow in school.

For us, we’re reducing snacking and working our way back to larger breakfasts and then having lunch at the same time they would at school.

I am aware of the time frame and try and encourage my slower eaters to feast furiously if they want time for outside play.

4.) Read to your child or have them read to you.

Most schools implement the 20-minute-a-day routine. We’ve maintained this through the summer with visits to the library, compiling our list of 50 favorite books, and sharing our favorite stories.

5.) Set aside school clothes.

We’ve been going through drawers and closets, trying on clothing.

Setting aside those exclusively for school and separating those from our play clothes.

We’re making a list of the essentials we need to start school and passing on the clothing that no longer fits.

6.) Build up Excitement

I’ve promised that the week before school, we will go and take a peek at who our teachers are for the year.

Everyone is hoping for their favorite, which adds to the excitement and sets the tone that school is coming and will be an amazing year.

7.) Remember those that will be left behind.

I have one child who will not be in school this year.

It’s important to recognize that there will be some serious downtime for him.

I’m creating crafts and letting him know that even though he will be home, we will do some great things on our own.


These are the tips I have to offer for a successful start to a school year.

What are yours?

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