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Review: Balloonatiks

Children are strange creatures. My kiddos can watch the same DVD over and over again. When Balloonatiks, The Collectors arrived in the mail for review, that’s exactly what they did…watched it over and over and over.

You might know the Balloonatiks from their two paperback books or their series of comics and games. The Balloonatiks is a CGI-animated series and merchandise brand.

As the DVD played my children were so excited to hear some familiar voices. Voices like Mark Hamill, Billy West from Futurama, Debi Derryberry from Jimmy Neutron. I loved hearing Ray Parker Jr. in the theme song–though it’s no Ghostbusters!

The Balloonatiks are were five ordinary teens who are mysteriously transformed into balloons. Like most mutants, each is gifted with an awesome ability that matches their personality.

While watching the Balloonatiks, you’ll encounter some impressive characters.

Flator- Your typical school jock with the ability to grow to massive sizes
Airbrain– -It doesn’t get much geekier than this kid he can transform his giant head into a hot air balloon
Squeeker-the ever-popular cheerleader whose ability is to paralyze the corrupt guys with her high-pitched cheers!
•Sparky-A well rounded and talented activist who can stop opponents in their tracks with lightning bolts
•Bouncer-The class clown and foodie with the ability to transform into any kind of ball and bounce to soaring heights

Other great characters also make an appearance on this DVD, like Professor Swellhead, the creator of Ballloonatiks, and Leaky, a frog-turned-mascot. Certainly, it’s a fun lineup with characters none of us had difficulty relating to as we watched.

My kiddos were really into this DVD. They were cheering on the Balloonatiks. When the DVD ended my four-year-old exclaimed, “What the heck!? This movie’s too short!” It’s a quick-paced 22-minutes!

Throughout the day, the kiddos kept saying, “Hubba Hubba, we’re made of rubber,” which is a phrase used throughout the video.

I found this DVD entertaining, and it certainly captured my children’s attention. It was fast-paced and had a creative twist on Superheroes. I appreciated the length as it isn’t something I really have to commit to, but I can sit down and enjoy with the kiddo and proceed with what needs to be done.

We talked about balloon artists, and they remembered a clown at a local restaurant that made great balloon art that could be a character in balloonatiks.

Overall, Balloonatiks is a big hit at our house.

You can find the Balloonatiks–The Collectors DVD on for $14.99.

I received the DVD mentioned in this post as compensation. No other compensation was received. The opinions expressed are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor.

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