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Tile Doctor Shield Review

The chore of bathroom cleaning is one no one at my house claims voluntarily. I hesitate to give the chore to my younger children because of the chemicals in the cleaners. Our bathroom has the original 1977 grout and there are places where it gets “furry” if not cared for diligently. It’s gross, but it’s a reality we have to contend with daily.

I’ve been using a product called Tile Doctor Shield which has an innovative technology that is effective and safe. It’s not a disinfectant but rather a surface treatment inhibitor that works for me as long as the surface remains intact. It is bonded and works by piercing the microbe rather than poisoning them until it dies. Clever.

Shield works in a three-step process: Prepare, Shield, and Maintain. Each step helps the effectiveness of The Tile Doctor’s Shield do its thing to eliminate mold, algae, mildew, and other microbes. I found the science behind the process to be interesting.

Step 1 – Prepare: I was ready to head out to buy a Mr. Clean Eraser because the hard water deposits on the tile were out of control. I used The Tile Doctor’s Sheild Step 1 and was immediately impressed by how well it cleaned. There wasn’t intense labor, more just spray, soak and wipe. It was impressive.  Like its name, Prepare helps prepare the surface by removing dirt and grime, mildew, and mold so the shield can be applied. 

Step 2 – Shield:  I concentrated The Tile Doctor’s Shield-Step 2 on the grout where it is discolored and tends to grow fur in between showers. I also sprayed all the tiles for good measure.  The formula is non-toxic and creates a bond to the hard surface to shield against mold, mildew, and other odor-causing bacteria. It combats discoloration and provides a fresh smell.

Step 3 – Maintain: I followed with The Tile Doctor’s Shield-Step 3 for maintenance. The final step in the process eliminates the need for toxic chemical cleaners. Once treated with a shield, the surface cleans easily and effectively with just soap and water. Use Step 3 on a regular basis to keep the surface protected and eliminate the chemical cleaners completely. 

Some of the discolorations still remain, but daily it is getting lighter. I don’t have to wear gloves to pour bleach on the area or breathe toxic fumes. Tile Doctor Shield is doing it for me in a safe way that gives me the confidence I’m not exposing my children to harmful chemicals.

Here are points to consider on how Tile Doctor is different from those other chemical cleaners:

  • Doesn’t leach or off-gas into the environment
  • Unmatched safety profile
  • No arsenic, heavy metals, or polychlorinated phenols
  • The confidence of more than 30 years of effective and safe use.
  • Broad Spectrum Microbial Control: Fungi, Mold, Mildew, Germs, Gram (+) and Gram (-) Bacteria, Yeast, and Algae.
  • No microbial adaptation.
  • Rapid kill of microorganisms.
  • Controls or eliminates microbial staining, odors, and deterioration on the treated goods.

I’m discovering all kinds of hard surfaces for Tile Doctor Shield to be used. We’ve used it on our phones and keyboard, doorknobs, and light switches. The bathroom, the kitchen, our trash cans, and refrigerator handles. I’ve sprayed it on the high-traffic area walls where my kiddos drag their hands and even around the windows.

Purchase The Tile Doctor Products for a clean home and office that protects against unwanted microbes.

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