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9 Things to Ask a Home Cleaning Company Before You Hire Them

When you decide to hire a cleaning service, you’d be baffled by the sheer number of companies available on the market, who are just a click away from fulfilling your dreams. They all look pretty similar and offer basically the same service with only some differences in price and range of services. Lucky for you, we’ve had some assistance from experts at Maids of Jacksonville who offered their guidance to help pinpoint the right cleaning service company for you.

Maid Making Bed

Maid making bed in hotel room

Type of service

Based on what type of service you need, you should hire accordingly.

Is it your private home that needs cleaning, or maybe your office space is ready for a nice and thorough treatment?

Not all companies focus on the same type of cleaning in equal measure.

Look for recommendations

This little research you need to conduct goes a long way.

Whether you put your trust in word of mouth or in a direct dialogue with the company, you need to gather as much info on the company’s work ethics and customers’ experiences as you can.

You can check their website, social media, forums or ask the company directly for references.

Web presentation

The company’s presence on the internet says a lot about a house cleaning company.

Their website needs to look good modern, and it should be well organized and provide all the necessary information.

If you feel satisfied with their online presence, it is safe to say that you can put your trust in that company.

Active phone support

It is important to be able to reach customer support if you have questions or requests that cannot be answered on the website.

Office space

Yet another measure of trust between a customer and a company.

If you know that they have an office space you can visit and maybe get a presentation of their services in person, and then you can rest assured that their business is serious.

Can you have a dedicated cleaner?

Provided that you were satisfied with their service, it is good to know if you would be able to request the same employee on a regular basis.

That person will not always be available, and it would be good to know if the company can provide a replacement and if they have staff in reserve who can be of assistance any time you need them.

If the company can promise these privileges, then a strong and trustful relationship can be established.


Experience is everything, and you can measure the quality of a business by the number of years they’ve been active and a catalog of satisfied customers who became regulars.

Are they insured

It is very important to know if the company has taken care of their employees by providing them with the necessary knowledge and training for their job and if they are all insured.

After all, you don’t want to be the one to cover costs if an accident occurs.


You need to know if the company uses its equipment and chemicals.

This information is important and needs to be made clear before any agreement is made.

They might offer a standard package that can be expanded, some companies expect the customer to handle all the logistics, and they just focus on the cleaning.

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