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Tennis Promposal

Serve up a smashing surprise with a tennis-themed promposal! Racquets, flowers, and a perfect match await in this love-filled invitation. Game on!

Asking someone to prom is the first step to getting to prom, and the act of asking is almost as old as prom itself, but the act of asking has become more than just “asking someone to prom.”

What is a Promposal?

A promposal, short for “prom proposal,” is a modern tradition where a person asks someone to be their date for the prom in a creative and memorable way. It goes beyond the simple act of asking and often involves a thoughtful and elaborate gesture or presentation. Here’s an overview of the tradition of a promposal:

  1. Planning and Creativity: A promposal typically involves careful planning and creativity to make the invitation unique and special. The person asking may spend time brainstorming ideas and considering the interests, hobbies, or preferences of their potential date.
  2. Personalization: Promposals are often personalized to reflect the personalities and interests of both the person asking and the person being asked. They can incorporate shared memories, inside jokes, or references to common interests, making the invitation more meaningful and tailored to the individuals involved.
  3. Elaborate Gestures: Promposals often involve elaborate gestures to make the invitation stand out. These can include creating signs or banners, arranging surprise encounters, incorporating props or themed decorations, or even organizing flash mobs or performances.
  4. Public or Private: Promposals can take place in public or private settings, depending on the preferences of the individuals involved. Some promposals are meant to be witnessed by a larger audience, such as classmates or friends, while others are more intimate and personal.
  5. Social Media Sharing: In the age of social media, promposals are often captured and shared online. Photos or videos of the promposal may be posted on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok, allowing others to celebrate and appreciate the creativity of the invitation.
  6. Acceptance and Celebration: The promposal tradition also includes the anticipation and excitement surrounding the acceptance of the invitation. When the person being asked agrees to be the prom date, it is often celebrated and shared with friends and classmates, adding to the overall excitement leading up to the prom event.

Promposals have gained popularity as a way to create memorable and fun experiences when asking someone to prom. They allow individuals to express their creativity, show thoughtfulness, and make the invitation itself a memorable part of the prom experience.

What does a promposal mean?

Promposals have been a trend since the early 2000s.

A ‘promposal’ usually involves a special or elaborate act or presentation that took some thought and time to prepare

When should I ask someone to prom?

It would be best if you planned to ask sooner rather than wait until closer to prom.
Prom has things to prepare, such as finding a dress, renting a tuxedo (Save $50 on tux rental), transportation, buying tickets, making after-prom plans and other fun things that come with the big night. 

Can You Just Ask Someone to Prom?

Of course. Prom is all about you. You should do what you feel comfortable doing.

Tennis-Themed Promposal

“We’d be the Perfect Match

tennis promposal

Supplies Needed:

Tennis Racket

Floral tape

Floral Wire

Tennis Ball (We had our customized through KristenHenchel)

Zip Tie

9′ Wire Ribbon (We used Offray, Grape Wired Edge Cosmic Glitz Craft Ribbon, 1 1/2-Inch x 9-Feet)

1-inch Satin Ribbon (we used Ribbli Double Faced Pink Satin Ribbon,1” x Continuous 25 Yards)

9-inches of 5/8″ complementary ribbon

Flowers (We used 3 purple hyacinths and 3 pink hyacinths)

Baby’s Breath


tennis promposal perfect Match

Ladies and gentlemen, court is in session! Prepare to be served with an extraordinary promposal that will set your heart racing and your love for tennis soaring. Today, I step onto this court not just as a player but as a hopeful romantic, ready to smash this prom invitation out of the park. With a racquet filled with layers of hydrangea flowers, a tennis ball with the word “Prom?” and a card that reads, “We’d Be the Perfect Match,” I present to you a tennis-themed promposal that will have your heart volleying with excitement. Get ready to rally, because this invitation is bound to be an ace that leaves you in love-40!

Serve up a smashing surprise with a tennis-themed promposal! Racquets, flowers, and a perfect match await in this love-filled invitation. Game on!

How to Make a Tennis Promposal

We opted for a more expensive tennis racket so it would be a special memory of the promposal.

Any tennis racket would work. We even considered a thrift tennis racket and painting it.

Ultimately, my son chose a racket his girlfriend could use to remind her of him and this event.

Lay the tennis racket flat (if you do not have a “new” racket with the cellophane still on the handle, you may want to wrap it with saran wrap to keep it from being compromised.)

Arrange your bouquet.

I used Eucalyptus in the back and then layered the hyacinths and baby’s breath.

Once I had the arrangement I liked, I wrapped the bouquet with floral tape.

I made a large bow for a wreath (YouTube Tutorial I used). I cut the length of the tail I wanted and then used all the ribbon to make the loops for the bow.

Next, I positioned the wrapped bouquet on the tennis racket and put the bow in position, and then used floral tape to secure it to the tennis racket. (Note: Floral tape sticks to itself when stretched.)

Once I had the bouquet and bow in place, I covered the floral tape by wrapping the satin ribbon around it. I did this by finding the halfway mark of the amount of ribbon. I taped the ribbon from this mark to the back of the racket, then pulled both ends forward and crossed over the racket. I repeated this process around the back and front until all ribbon was used. I tucked the remaining end tales into the “weave” of ribbon to secure it.

Next, I drew two tennis rackets crossed, lettered “We’d be the perfect” above the rackets, and used script lettering to write “Match.”

I then used a green highlighter on cardstock, cut out a circle for a tennis ball, and glued this ball onto one of the rackets.

I used purple marker to overlay the words.

I then taped a wooden skewer to the back of the card.

I used 9-inches of complementary (5/8 inch rainbow ribbon) to tie a small bow at the base of the card.

I then inserted the skewer with the card into the bouquet.

I cut two slits in the back of the tennis ball, ran a zip tie through it, and secured it to the tennis racket.

My son then waited until after his girlfriend’s tennis match to do his promposal.

She said, “yes!”

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